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Bloggers, Get OVER Yourself!

get over yourselfYou’re just a Blogger. 

Because you guys get all defensive, let me elaborate / explain myself . We already live in a world that is filled with material items, people who spend massive amounts of money to impress people they don’t like, and those who judge people who don’t have enough. When did blogging become part of that world? 

I was recently invited to an event where there would be plenty of bloggers present. I thought nothing of it really, I’ve heard wonderful stories about meetups going great + everyone coming home with a new best blogger friend. So, I attended this event thinking nothing of it, only to be immediantly uncomfortable when I arrived. As soon as I arrived with a friend, someone asked, “You guys are bloggers? Which blog are you from?” Sorry, but is there supposed to be a specific way a blogger is supposed to look? Are we all supposed to maintain the same type of dress code, or blog about a certain thing?  Though my friend handled it very well, I was a bit shaken. I felt like I was in a sorority where everyone was catty and downright offensive. It seemed as if everyone was judged by the camera they carried (god forbid, it’s a snap and shoot!) or the shoes they were wearing.

First of all, anyone can be a blogger. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are, or even what you’re wearing! Not everyone blogs about beauty OR fashion. So, before you judge me by my 30 dollar heels, or by the non-namebrand lipstick I’m wearing – hear this: You are just a blogger, and I’m just a blogger. I could be a blogger who writes about my favorite books, or one who loves to cook. I could be a 50 year old blogger who has time on my hands and wants to write about my daily life  – maybe even an aspiring artist who wants to showcase my paintings online and write about my inspiration. Basically, a blogger could be anyone. 

So, it doesn’t matter that you’re wearing a dress that I could never hope to afford, sporting a Tory Burch bag, and wearing 600 dollar shoes – don’t treat me like I’m insignificant. Because, at the end of the day – you’re going to go home and blog about your experience ; and I’ll go home and blog about mine. 

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A 27 year old college student majoring in Health Science. I'm a blogger who loves to design and spends her free time seeking inspiration from magazine articles. I love blogging about relationships, and life in general.


  1. Gaby Sanchez says

    Wow. I’m so sorry this happened to you. But you’re absolutely right!
    I don’t understand why people act this way to others.
    Keep doing your thing, girl! 🙂

  2. WanderLustGirl says

    So true omg I was wanting to write something like this for a long time but you wrote it better haha. Keep it up:)

  3. victoriaslittleblog says

    It’s unfortunate to read a story like yours when trying to meet those with similar interests. I’ve never been to a blogger meet up (I hope to one day!) but it sucks that some bloggers do think that it’s all a completion. Just keep your head up and roll with the punches! There will always be bad apples out there, we just gotta brush it off and we will find awesome bloggers! 🙂

  4. I’m really sorry you experienced this from someone, no one should ever make you feel insignificant 😦 ! All bloggers are different and unique and that’s what makes us different in what we write about and discuss! I wouldn’t take anything a rude person would say personally! In the end they’re jealous 😀

    Serene xoxox

  5. I’m sorry about how that made you feel. You’re completely right! Anyone can be a blogger and you’ve said it very well. xx

  6. Exactlyyy why I rather be a niche blogger, this whole youtube / blog social media and online fame is just superficial and toxic! Dont

  7. I agree with you! Not all fashion/beauty blogs are appealing to me because we have different interests. I’d rather read blogs from bloggers I can relate with. 🙂 There should be no “mean girls” in the blogging world. Hehe.

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