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La Buca di Ripetta Review, Rome


via Ripetta 36, 00139 Rome, Italy

After visiting the Borghese gallery, we decided to eat lunch since we woke up early that day to make our appointment. My sister told me she found an amazing restaurant and I still wanted to try a place that had great carbonara because all of the others were not doing it for me! So, once again I blindly listened to her just to be let down, yet again. 


I think most restaurants in Rome are pretty hard to find, as there are so many turns and small alleyways. But we found this one without too much trouble. When we got there we were only the only people inside the restaurant! For some people, they would take this as a warning – for us, we didn’t. I mean, after all – it had amazing reviews on Tripadvisor!


The place itself is beautiful. I loved the little blue scooter! I think out of all the places we went to, this was the prettiest one. Hey, decor matters okay! The atmosphere was great, the server was friendly and there were only two people at the front. One of them was a manager and the other was our kind server.


Of course, I asked him what he recommended on the menu. “Go for the carbonara, it’s one of our best selling dishes.” If you’ve read the review of my other restaurants you are either saying, “I hope she finally gets to have a great meal.” Or, “You didn’t learn from the other restaurants?!?! Stay away from the carbonara!” OR, you could be the 90% of my readers who just don’t have any sort of input and are purely here just to see the photos!

So, like the idiot I am – I ordered the carbonara. My sister got something else, no idea – because I was too focused on ordering the carbonara.


It finally came out. Our first thought was that it looked a lot smaller than other places. This became a blessing with I started to eat it… after every bite I wanted to drink water. I would have gotten more refills but hell, this is Rome, you pay for your water here! I couldn’t even finish my meal. I just want to mention that this place has gotten amazing reviews on tripadvisor – I think that I don’t have a high tolerance for SALTY FOODS. This dish was really salty, It was by far the worst out of all the other places I’ve had.


My sisters dish on the other hand was nearly as bad, I mean still bad but edible. So, we ended up sharing her portion and politely smiled at the waiter when he asked us if we wanted anything else. So , there you have it.


  1. Ah nooo, what a bummer! It took a day and a half to find good food in Rome, but oh my gosh, I LOVED the little pasta place, not fancy at all, but INCREDIBLE food

  2. I want to go to Rome, too! Hehe. Maybe, someday… The food looks delicious but it may be hard for your to endure eating it when you really don’t like it. And oh, I have to read your earlier reviews so I can check more of your adventures!

    P.S. I just noticed that I put the wrong image link on my button… So, if you have time and still want my button, you can update it with the correct code. 🙂

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