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Buffalo Bill Hotel Review


Vegas Weekend!

Ahh Vegas, the place where most of people I know flock to at least once a month. Why? Well, it’s the one place where you can walk around with an open bottle in your hand, amazing buffets, gorgeous hotel rooms, and beautiful people. But, Vegas hasn’t been that great to me. I started clubbing right when I turned 18 and went clubbing at least every two weeks, sometimes three times a week. And, I always went clubbing sober (the legal drinking age is 21 here in cali). But, when I turned 21… I was all clubbed out – if that’s possible. Maybe because I had a boyfriend, or because I lost my favorite pair of heels and now I can only dance for a hour before heading back to the hotel – I don’t know.

Anyway, I digress. After our flight to Hawaii did not work out, we decided to drive to Vegas at around 7 PM. The drive is only 4 – 5 hours and since we were trying to save money… we decided to stay at Buffalo Bills. Now, everyone passes Buffalo Bill and Whiskey Pete on the way to Vegas, but I don’t know anyone who has ever stayed there. It’s because Buffalo Bills is a hour away from Vegas. But, since it was only 70 dollars and we arrived too late to do anything, we decided to book a room there. We didn’t know what to expect…




I thought the casino was pretty nice, but Brandon and the others complained that it was dirty. Well, I mean our room was only 70 dollars on a Friday night with free parking so I didn’t complain. Also, drinks were so cheap! Brandon’s bloody mary only cost him 3 dollars. Even though we arrived at midnight, there was a huge line for Check In so while Brandon checked in, I went around and took photos.

Our Room


The room was pretty spacious and nice. Except for some reason, the maid didn’t clean up the balloons in the corner? So we just tossed it out. Everything was clean, and honestly I wouldn’t mind staying there again. The only thing I didn’t like was the shower head… the pressure was way too low and it was really hard to get clean. Though the hotel is a hour away and inexpensive, I think that it would be a nice place to stay…. if you are really trying to save money. But, if you can just shell out 20 -30 more bucks I’m sure you could get a closer hotel.






  1. Oh I think there’s also a Buffalo Bills on the strip next to the flamingo which used to be Suncoast. We stayed at that location about 4-5 years ago. I’m with you, I’d prefer to stay close to the strip. But in a pinch, the place looked clean.

  2. The hotel looks a little bill small and the bathroom a little old, but apart from that the place seems to be okay. Would you come back?

    • Yes definitely ! It was super cheap compared to the other room we stayed at which was 210 dollars. we decided we would stay there if we arrived in Vegas late (because of we get there late there’s nothing to do and we would just be paying to sleep somewhere).

      • Very good way to save some money. I’m also choosing cheap accomodations when I’m arriving late. That saves a lot of money.

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