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Lush Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win 2 LUSH Bathbombs!

I just wanted to thank all of my wonderful followers! You guys are awesome and so, I wanted to run a little contest to show my appreciation. Entering is super easy, so I hope you guys enter. This contest will be hosted on rafflecopter , so choosing the winner will be simple & completely random.

Also, I am so glad that this giveaway is perfect for all my followers! I know some giveaway are only for cosmetics, etc but if you’re a husband – I’m sure you and your wife will benefit from these bathbombs. They’ll leave your skin feeling soft, and moisturized! Also, you’ll smell great. If you haven’t tried bathbombs before… then these are the best – though quite pricey. BUT, here’s your chance to win these highly popular bathbombs! 

HOW TO ENTER (3 options)

I would like to mention that you have to enter using raffle copter!!! The link is at the bottom !! 

Do one to enter, do all to get extra entries!!

1. Follow my Blog

See how easy it is? But, make sure to comment with your blog name in the raffle copter giveaway option!!! So, I know 🙂

2. Follow me on Instagram

My instagram is: @dianasadventures . Again, make sure you follow the rafflecopter!!!

3. Comment on a blog post

Comment on any blog post with whatever you like! If you are running out of ideas, simply drop me a message on my “ABOUT ME” or on this post. 


1. You have 48 hours to reply.

After 48 hours, I will choose another name. This is just to make the process go by faster!

2. This contest is open international!

So, just go ahead and enter 🙂 Be sure to share with your friends!

3. The Contest Ends April 9th! So a week from now.



Good luck! If you have any questions, just comment down below.


  1. Katrine Møller-lassesen says

    I am a new Lush addict, thanks for the giveaway 😀

  2. The Glitter Mirror says

    This is such an awesome giveaway!:) Seriously, who does not love Lush?!

  3. Jennifer Leigh G. says

    Done and done! Thank you so much for the opportunity, Diana. I haven’t used Lush products before, but everyone seems to love them! 💗

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