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Welcome to The Palazzo


 And we’re finally here at Sin City!

So, after Sushi we finally headed over to the Palazzo. I’ve never stayed there before, and frankly I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, just the night before we stayed at Buffalo Bill’s which was considered a budget hotel but this hotel was 260+ . But split between 5 people, it wasn’t too bad. We also got a great deal on, so make sure you always check groupon before going to vegas! 

We quickly parked and I jumped out of the car to go stand in line… which was a great idea because as you can tell … the line was long!



It all paid off though as we entered our “suite”. I was expecting just a simple room with two small beds (I mean, vegas is pricey and this is right on the strip though a bit far). But, I was really surprised and excited! Of course, everyone took out their phones and started snapping photos! 

  IMG_7727 IMG_7729 IMG_7731 IMG_7732


Doesn’t the bed look so comfy? Brandon and I luckily got the bed. I loved the decor and everything was so gorgeous and spacious! The suite was really luxurious.



Hallway leading to the bathroom


The Vanity Desk



The View

IMG_7755 IMG_7759  IMG_7777


Last but not least – A gift from the maid. Brandon and Russel were walking to grab Ice when they were pulled aside by a maid. She asked them if they were old enough to drink, and after gazing at Russel for a bit (he’s asian and looks young! hehe) She led them to a room and stuffed a bag full of Beer in their hands. Brandon said the room was filled with all sorts of beer and liquor :O 


  1. Wow, that looks really good. What a nice suite! Splitting the bill with 5 makes it even pretty cheap as well. Enjoy your time in Vegas! 🙂

  2. Diana. You always provide good review and stunning pictures. I am so envy you that you’re in Las Vegas. Have fun in the Sin City. There is the most expensive buffer one of the famous hotel (I forgot the name), cost around $100/person. Do not go there, not worth it. There, a lot and a lot of good food, and supper good service, but you cannot eat a lot of food.

    • Hahaha thank you!! I went to eat at bacchanal buffet which was at Caesars palace and it was 55 dollars a head !! Very worth it and I’ll have pics up soon. but 100 dollars a person is too much!!

      • Diana. My niece bought 24-hr ticket for buffer at Paris. She said you could have good food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and save the money too. On more thing, on the last visit, make sure you arrive there 5 minutes before “the end of your 24 hr range”, then you can eat there a long as you want. Check it out.

      • Diana. My sister, Tuyet was in Paris last summer. According to her, most of the restaurants are expensive and food is delicious. However, there was a restaurant in Paris, closed to her hotel, the price was reasonable, paid 1 price for the whole meal (starter, main course, dessert, wine…), big plates, and food was delicious. She ate there for 3 days. She event counted there were 100 mussels in one of her dish. I think she forgot the name of the restaurant, but she might remember the location. She got a lot of food pictures.

  3. I’ve stayed at Buffalo Bills when they first renovated, I think it was less than $200. The MGM isn’t too bad, we stayed last year in one of the newly renovated rooms and it was also under $200. the Palazzo looks nice though. Did you know there’s a nude bar at one of the hotels? lol. Have fun!

    • Yea I loved the Palazzo, haven’t stayed at the MGM yet. Under 200 for a newly renovated room is a good price! And no, I didn’t know that… haha thats so crazy!

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