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Photography Tips for Bloggers!

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If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you would notice that my photos have gotten a little bit better. Before, I used to just take pictures wherever whenever, but after fixing up my room I realized that the sun reflects quite perfectly on my bed. I began to take photos by placing my items on my bed sheet (white) and snapping photos – the white contrast with the lighting improved my pictures significantly. I have a point and shoot camera, and have recently started playing around with the features. I decided to search for some resources and then I came across a blogger who wrote, “I’ll show you guys some tips… but I’ll leave out some important things because… obviously for reasons.” Well, as a blogger – I don’t want to do that. Blogging may be a source of income for some, but not for me. I want to grow with my readers and help them improve also! Here are a few resources and guides that I have found – pertaining only to Photography.


I found it hard to find tips for BLOGGERS and found a whole bunch for photographers ; but as a blogger I only wanted to find out how to take certain pictures : such as food pictures, some clothing pictures… and also find out how other bloggers “set up” their photos.

Camera’s & Setups

I am just so curious to see what bloggers AND photographers use for their pictures, it gives me ideas for my next Camera purchase (when I’m ready to take the leap!) 

1. A Beautiful Mess Camera Gear – very detailed and lots of nice pictures, please check it out! I’ll be mentioning this blog plenty throughout this article.

Photo Credit goes to: A Beautiful Mess

2. Lily Pebbles Camera Journey – All Canon’s! This is just a small post but there are still some great tips she gives.

3. Lilly Melrose – Short and sweet, she believes that with a little bit of work (editing) you can use an inexpensive camera and still get the same results as a DSLR!

4. The Fresh Exchange Blog – Camera Essentials for Bloggers – Love the way the pictures (cameras) were set up.

Credit goes to the Fresh Exchange

Photography Tips

1. A Beautiful Mess – Click on this link to see all the posts listed under Photography Tips. I have plenty of reading to do… and so do you! The first post talks about the different types of lenses. If you’re not in the mood to look around for certain posts then maybe these posts will fit your fancy?

Tips for Food Photography / Tips for Lifestyle Photography / Outdoor Photos / Outfit Photos

2. Lily Pebbles Photography Tips – Love this post! Lots and lots of tips and pictures (as you can tell… I’m big on pictures). She also gives some examples from other blogs, so you might find some new blogs to follow! She also talks about “Studio Light” which I may buy in the future, who knows 🙂

3. Clickin Moms – Tips & Advice for Photographers – Haven’t really browsed around this site as much as I would like too as it is very extensive. There are plenty of tutorials and pictures to gain inspiration from!

4. B your own blog – This is my favorite tutorial!!! Not only do you learn about the set up (aka how to set up pictures, background, etc) there is also a guide that shows you how to adjust shutter speeds and of course some nice pictures 🙂 Also, some IPHONE picture tips also!!!

5. This Fashion is mine – She talks about Lighting, Self Portraits, Location and Background. Amazing pictures and everything looks crisp and cool.

Photo Credit goes to This Fashion is Mine

5. A beautiful Mess – THINGS NOT TO DO – I know I already mentioned this blog but here’s a post I couldn’t pass up. I have to admit… I am guilty of taking photos at night because I am just too lazy to wait till the morning. But, thankfully I’ve read this list and will remember to apply it in the future!

Hope this post was a good resource to you!

Have a goodnight everyone 🙂


  1. ThriftToBeauty says

    Oh, wow! You’ve already compiled them in a post hahah This will save me quite some time. Thank you! Hugs&kisses po! 🙂

  2. Just exactly what I needed in the moment! Thank you for put all those tips in once!

  3. Love the list! I’ve been trying to up my photography game as well so this is perfect – saved to my toolbar 🙂 I also love the channels of both Lily Melrose (she’s my icon) and Lily Pebbles so it’s quite cool to see them on here!

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