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55% Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Review

lactic acid chemical peel

This is the ultimate skin saver, I’m upset that I didn’t try chemical peels earlier. Makeup artist’s choice 55% Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Kit has completely changed my life!

As you all know, I’m a huge fan of Makeup Artist’s Choice; I fell in love with their Mandelic Acid Toner (read the review HERE) ended up moving up to the Mandelic Acid Serum (read the review here)and used it in combination with their Retinol serum. Yes, I was a huge fanatic and swore by their products – afterall, they were my holy grail!

I carried these 3 essentials with me all the way to Hong Kong, where I dillegently used them everyday. I thought my skincare woes were gone forever, until I went back to the U.S. Suddenly, my skin wasn’t as clear as before and was actually getting worse. I blamed it on California’s weather (but please, our weather is perfect), I blamed it on the oily food I was eating (but I swear, I ate the same oily food back in HK). Basically, I didn’t know why my skin was breaking out. 

I eventually ended up contacting MUAC support email and they told me that my skin would eventually reach a plateau and that I could benefit from using their Chemical Peel. At first, I was ecstatic, finally there was a logical reason about why my skin was breaking out. But, then I was a bit worried – I have heard plenty of things about Chemicals Peels and although I used the Mandelic Acid Peel before, I wasn’t sure if I was able to use the Lactic Acid peel. By this point, my skin had gotten so bad that I ended up buying the peel along with the Gly-luronic serum (but that’s for another day). 


The website claims that 


  • Loosens and removes the surface debris on the skin.
  • Softens comedomes.
  • Deep cleans pores.
  • Softens fine lines.
  • Extremely effective at stimulating natural collagen production
    for a fresh, moistened look.  Great for mature skin.
  • This particular formulation contains licorace extract, an extremely effective botanical skin-lightening additive.
  • Is a non-irritating acid treatment and great for sensitive skin.
  • No “down time”, no noticeable flaking of the skin, just a sloughing-off of the dried, glued together
    sebum and surface skin debris

Acne Clients:

You are beginning your treatments with pores that are congested/clogged with embedded dirt, dead skin cells and sebum.  As you begin your treatments the sebum just under the surface will likely emerge as blemishes.  This is normal.  Breakouts may seem more pronounced since the acid is cleaning the pores more quickly than with regular cleansing products.

Typically within the first 3 weeks, the skin begins to show improved clarity with very few breakouts.  Please try to be patient during this time.  Deep cleansing and exfoliation is a “process” which takes some time to work.

Extremely oily skin types, consider using our beta serum as your first-step before doing your peel to “cut through” the oil. While it is not a necessity, it will help extremely oily skin clients to realize better results with any of our acid peels.  And, you can use it between peels to help control oil.


I actually didn’t read the little tid-bit for the acne clients  though I should have, since it was speaking directly to ME. So, I officially got the product on March 3 (based off my instagram), but didn’t start using it until a week or so after.

Also, I would like to mention that I stupidly thought the product came with 2 lactic acid peel bottles, but it comes with 1 55% Lactic Acid Peel + 1 PH PREP SOLUTION. So, by the photo, you can easily come to the solution that I bought another PREP + TONE Toner because I didn’t know.

The first time I used it, it stung – ALOT. But, that is very typical of peels and my skin was adjusting to its strength. I was only able to put it on for about 5 minutes the first time, and the PH PREP TONER I used afterwards helped me immensely, but the overall feeling was a pretty bad one. I made sure to use it twice a week (but that is only because I have had experience using their peels).

After the first few weeks were over, my skin started getting pretty bad. At first, I didn’t know why it was getting so bad – I should have known my skin was purging! But I remember one day, I was talking to Brandon about skincare when he said, “Babe, Makeup Artist Choice sucks, it’s not working you need to use something else.” So, we both started to quickly research medication for me and I tried my best to eat a little better.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, my skin started clearing up and my bumps started to fade. So, Thank you Makeup Artist’s Choice! You saved the day once again and Brandon can eat his words! 

I applied the peel 2x a week, making sure to have ample time between applications. Here are the steps I took:
1) Put on the Prep Solution
2) Make sure solution is dry and your face isn’t wet.
3) Put on Peel, wait 10 minutes.
4) Rinse off with water and then put on Prep Solution.
Make sure to only put on the peel at night, and use sunscreen everyday! The peel will make your skin more sensitive to the sun (like most acne products).

 Overall Rating: 5/5 !!! I love this product.


  1. Diana. How are you? Take care and have fun in HK.
    You were lucky that your skin got better. In my experience, never use face to ‘test’ any skin product. I did not get acne even when I was teenager. I tried proactive. Then my skin got broke down and I always got acne. I had to see doctors and took a year to have clear skin. I wish I got my baby skin back!

    • thanks for the tip! Yes, I totally forgot to mention that on my post haha. I know, I’ve always dealed with acne on and off, because my parents are very traditional and always told me, “You’ll grow out of it.” Okay, 22… haven’t grown out of it yet!!

      But, I’m glad that your skin is clear now, I saw a derm for about 2 years and it didn’t really help me :/

      & thank you, I’m suffering through finals now, but can’t wait for Hong Kong. I’m also going to visit my family in VN also, so I’ll get to have so much yummy vietnamese food!

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