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Delta Airlines – Best Airplane Meals

Delta Airlines Meals

 Delta Airlines has the best meals, hands down! Well, of course I might be a little Bias, since I only fly Delta but still – I love airplane food regardless.  Back in December and January, I traveled from Hong Kong to LA, then LA to England, then back home, then finally traveled from LA to Rome then back home. Needless to say, I felt like I spent my whole month traveling and getting sick. Even as a frequent traveler, my immune system always acts up. But I digress.

During those traveling periods, the only thing that stopped me from going insane was all the movies I got to watch and all the delicious food I got to eat. Here’s a collection of some of the best airplane food I’ve ever had!

Even though first class / business class offers alcoholic drinks, I’m not much of a cocktail girl. So, I always make sure to just get juice, though my sister always get Mimosas!


I especially love how there are three courses; the appetizer, the entree, then dessert! The dessert that isn’t pictured here is the sundae (which I always get). But there are other options such as a cheese platter, creme brulee, and fresh fruit.

Brandon and I are preparing for our Asia trip, and he’s actually never been out of the country. His passport just arrived today so we are both super excited! Hopefully his first out of country flight will be on first class also 🙂

meal 7 delta airlines meal 2 delta airlines meal 3

meal 4 meal 5meal 8 meal 9

Hope my next upcoming trip to Asia and Europe will be just as fun
and filled with yummy food! 

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  1. Haha isn’t weird to love plane food? I love it too. I’d say my favorite so far is Turkish airlines. When I will move to Dubai, I have the feeling that Emirates food might be delishhhh also!

    haha did you get sponsored for a Delta post or what? 😛

    • thanks for stopping by! haha, I like airline food but it depends on where I’m going. I think if you’re going overseas, the food tends to taste better compared to if you’re just going on a three hour flight or so.

  2. Wow! I never realize how good plane food could be, it looks beautiful and I take your word that it tastes good. I’ve never traveled for more than 5 or 6 hours, but the next time I take a long flight I’m definitely going to look out for Delta! Great post!

  3. RavishingRoses says

    well this made me hungry!! love your blog, would be fab if you could check mine out too xxx

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