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Why Bridget Jones Diary is the story of my life

Bridget Jones

 Why have I waited until now to watch Bridget Jones Diary… I’ll never know. Maybe because it’s due to the fact that the movie came out in 2001, when I was just entering middle schooI. But, hell , as a 22 year old college student – this movie is freaking amazing. Well, at least to me. 

Because that quote is true to everything that has ever happened to me, and that will ever happen to me. And probably for your life as well.

1.  Because there’s nothing better than rolling myself into a blanket burrito and eating icecream while binge watching Netflix. 

Oh, and the hopeless moaning of despair as I think about all the stuff I have to do, like finals week. (I have a boyfriend, so this doesn’t apply to me) But maybe if I’m single at 30 then that will essentially be me.

2. Because my mom literally sewed all my clothes and made me wear them to school.

Oh Bridget, you’ve had it easy. You haven’t seen all the horrible things I had to wear… *shudders*. It was as if my mother went to the Fabric store, picked out fabric that would look great on curtains, came home – sewed me some pants, and used the remaining fabric to hang on the curtain hanger. Not lying.

3. Because who hasn’t ever dreamed of meeting Mr. Right in a party where you only know one person?

That was actually how I met Brandon. More on that later! But, I’m a hopeless Romantic at heart. There’s nothing more romantic than going to a party and daydreaming about meeting Mr. Right at the most unlikely of all places.

4. Because the Spanx vs. Hot underwear dilemma is REAL.

And most of the time, the SPANX wins above all. Did I mention they’re super comfy and hide most of your tummy fat?

5. Because this was my new year resolutions.

Okay, maybe not the meeting guys part – but hey, if I were single this would be on my list also!

6. Because when I try to look cute/sexy, something horrible ends up happening.

I’m the clumsiest person in the universe, the second is Bridget.

7. Because I know my flaws, but accept them anyway.

8. Because, in the end , happy endings do exist.

Need I say more? Bridget Jones Diary is the best freaking movie out there.
You can watch it on Netflix! 


  1. “It was as if my mother went to the Fabric store, picked out fabric that would look great on curtains, came home – sewed me some pants, and used the remaining fabric to hang on the curtain hanger. Not lying.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I can’t. I just can’t. This was awesome. Subsequent movies are always a little disappointing but there’s a scene in the 3rd Bridget Jones (I believe) where she’s at a convenient store in Europe, it is HUH-larious. Must watch. You’ll die.

    Thanks for this post!

    xxo. Carly

      • Heheheh, yeah I absolutely loved the second one the prison scene with the bras made me laugh! I think the original one was funnier I agree :p xoxo

  2. 30 and single. Dear god, I didn’t realize I was Bridget Jones as well! Actually, I’m not 30 yet, but will be in August so I might as well claim it. Lol

  3. HAha I remember watching this YEARS ago! I think I need to give this movie another chance. Great post!

  4. Valerie says

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Can’t wait to read more of your posts 🙂

  5. I adore Bridget Jones…The Spanx v Hot Underwear dilemma is totally a thing! That said, I have moments of panic at airports in case they open my case and discover my stash of granny-pants.

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