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8 tips for staying productive and focused

How to make the most of your day, even if you’re working at home. Keep productive with these easy tips and FREE PRINTABLES! I work at home as a social media specialist, so I thought I would share some tips that I use to make sure that I stay focused and motivated!

1. Wake up early and drink a glass of water with lemon.

Drinking water with lemon has been known for its amazing detox properties, so it’s always a great way to start your day and give your body an energy boost! Tip: Put lemon water next to your bedstand, so it’s easy for you to grab it first thing in the morning! 

2. Get your coffee fix or Tea Fix

Coffee has been known to have some health benefits, such as lowering your risk for diabetes, or helping you burn fat. But, for this post’s purposes, we will only focus on how Coffee can wake you up and make you feel more energized and focused. 

Tea, on the other hand, is known to be healthier and have fewer calories. I love drinking green tea, which has few to zero calories! Make sure to stay away from the sugary ones (you know what I’m talking about), and stick to the ones that are organic or sugar free. You’ll get the same amount of caffeine also! 

3. Read a newspaper, or skim your favorite blogs while drinking coffee or eating breakfast.

Eat a big healthy breakfast while reading your favorite blog or newspaper. I always go into the office and start my day off by reading my email. I have two emails, one for business and one primarily reserved for education/reading. This means that I am able to subscribe to receive newsletters to my favorite education blogs (marketing) and really learn something. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for some blogs to subscribe to then here is my favorite blog.

By Regina < is a great blog to read if you’re looking to learn more about how to improve your blogging, or how to become a small business owner.

4. Plan your day with a Calendar / Planner.

Isn’t this planner just adorable? I have to admit, I’m not one for using hardcover planners – I do better with just using google’s calendar for all my tasks but maybe it’s because the planners I typically buy are so… boring. Having a cute planner could motivate and inspire you to use it more frequently to document your tasks or goals. 

Here are some GORGEOUS and FREE PRINTABLES for you!
>Click here for 20 Free Printable To Do Lists<

 5. Have a Clean Workspace.

It’s always good to have a clean workspace because if you’re going to be spending most of your time at your desk… then you’ll be able to be more productive if it’s clean. Also, clean workspaces = more creativity. Clean your desk the night before (when you’re done with all your work) so in the morning, you can sit down and get straight to work without worrying about where your papers are at or where you put your pencil. 

6. Have Motivational Posters.


Having a clean desk is great, but having a clean desk with motivational posters hung up is even better. Motivational posters are great for inspiring you and keeping you focused on your goals. Click the image above to print out the FREE printable! Another one of my favorite sites also is  Dream Big Printables , “LIKE” their facebook to download a free printable! 

7. Take a Break by Exercising

Working at home means that I get to take a break pretty much whenever I want, but instead of using my break to binge watch Netflix, I try to make sure that I use an hour or so to work out. Working out increases brain activity and of course makes you more healthy. So, instead of taking a break and watching tv, exercise! You’ll be doing something useful in that hour and afterwards, you’ll feel energized and great!

8. Plan The Next Day.

Now that the day is almost over, make sure to plan tomorrow with your planner and check your calendar to see if you have any special appointments.

Just because you are self employed doesn’t mean  you always get to sleep in. Wake up on time, everyday and make the best use of your time. Learn something new, work on an important tasks, plan your next day. 

I hope these tips helped !


  1. EdithM. says

    Definitely going to try a lot of these tips out!! Great post! 🙂

  2. 1. I have never been a big fan of lemon water, but maybe I should give it another go 🙂
    2. Coffee – I can’t really deal with the world very well before my morning coffee. My body might be awake, but the human part doesn’t wake up until it is fed coffee.
    4. I start off so well meaning with my planners, but then I always end up relying on my Outlook calendar instead. I still ask for a planner every Christmas though hahaha. Thanks for the free printable to-do lists, totally checking them out!
    6. These are a great idea, I might print some and rotate them at work for my team 🙂
    7. If you work out a routine for inside you could even Netflix and exercise at the same time 🙂
    8. I am actually really good at this and always have a list going to organise my next day – yay I get some points hahaha. Where are the cupcakes? 🙂

    • Aw,I’ll have to package them and deliver them to you! 😛 May take a while 😉

      I’ve just recently started drinking coffee and it’s staining my teeth horribly 😦 does that happen to you? is it just me? I guess me and coffee are not meant to be.. haha

      • Aww thanks 🙂
        Hmm I haven’t noticed this, but I do use an Optic white toothpaste so perhaps that combats it a bit? Are you having instant at home? Maybe it is the brand.
        I used to be a HUGE tea drinker and over time have swapped to coffee or hot chocolate which I have found have less diuretic effect on me hahaha.

      • I just bought the optic white haha and hopefully it’ll work well for me. I’ll probably use crest white strips also!

  3. 2) I just started an internship. I’ve never been a huge coffee person… but I’m slowly starting to NEED that small cup every morning ahhaha. The thought of it makes me feel good & energized! I’ve yet to try the hot tea they have..
    3) Does going through social media count too?! hehe
    4) I bought a Lilly Pulitzer planner for my freshman year of college and I LOVED IT. Constantly used it. The picture you posted is super cute!!! I’d be in total heaven.
    6) I brought in 3 small square motivational pictures to put in my cubicle & someone already teased me about it lol.
    7) I can’t wait till I get home from work to workout!! Summer is so nice for that.
    8) Going to go plan my outfit right now!!!
    Awesome post 😀

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  5. Kimberly says

    This is seriously a very inspiring post. I am seriously considering drinking lemon water in the mornings as well as the organization tips. I’m addicted to my planner, so I think using it more than just for school would be helpful! Thank you.

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