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Introducing my camera : Samsung NX3000

samsung nx3000

samsung nx3000

My Samsung NX3000

 Scroll to the bottom of this post to view some test shots with it!  On Saturday, I had my graduation party where I was surrounded by all my wonderful friends and the boyfriend. At the end of the party, my boyfriend and best friend asked everyone to take a group photo so as he was taking the photo, my best friend told him to grab her phone so he could take the photo. He went inside my room and suddenly came out with this beauty! I was so surprised because I was expecting my parents to get the camera for me after my graduation.

samsung nx3000Get a nice long look at this camera because hopefully you won’t see it too much (since I’ll be taking photos with it from now on!). This is my first non point and shoot camera and I couldn’t be happier! It is super light and compact – which makes it great for traveling, and for shooting vlogs! 

samsung nx3000 samsung nx3000 Brandon was also sweet enough to charge it the day prior to my party, buy me a case, memory card, etc so I could use it at the party. Now, to prepare myself for Hong Kong I seriously read up on so many photography tutorials!

Click here for Photography Tutorials <

And so, I asked my friend Chong if I could take photos of her for graduation! She said yes, because another friend had offered to take photos for her for $50 but I told her I would try my best to take her grad photos for her.


IMG_0846 IMG_0853

 What do you think about these photos? These are unedited!  I can’t wait to do a FULL REVIEW on this camera. I’ve actually heard some pretty bad things about it, and my father told me that he would give me money so I could buy a Canon instead. But, we’ll see what happens.


  1. That camera is seriously beautiful! 🙂 I adore the color and the quality is awesome! Also, congratulations on your graduation!

  2. Oh wow it is a beauty. Let me know how you get along with it! If you end up getting a canon and keeping this one at least you know it is very photogenic. So you can take pictures of a camera with a camera haha.

    • Hahah yes! The canon seems unlikely at the moment because though this camera doesn’t match up it is small and perfect for traveling ! 🙂

      • You are absolutely right! I have a canon now and it is pretty girthy with its lens on. Your samsung is perfect for packing!

  3. So completely jealous. It’s a beautiful camera. And the pictures are fantastic. It actually has a sort of antique look to it, which is something I adore. lol I have had an obsession with cameras and typewriters since I was a kid.

  4. The camera itself is picture worthy. I love the brown leathery look it has to it. I’ve been thinking about investing in a nice camera soon, I’ll keep this one in mind. Cannot wait for your review!

  5. wow, beautiful camera! Love the leather casing. I would love to see what the film quality is like. Congrats on your graduation too.

  6. ChloéMarriault says

    I want to buy a camera too and this one looks absolutely awesome!!

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