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Vietnam First Day Recap & Photo Recap of the trip!

Hello lovely wordpress bloggers! As you guys know, I was able to go to Vietnam and Hong Kong for two weeks with Brandon. Brandon has never been out of country before, and he applied for his passport for this trip – we were both very excited! I hadn’t seen my family for 5 years and he has never ventured outside of california (except to texas, and to las vegas). We quickly packed our bags (I packed the day before) prayed to the airline gods that we would make our flight (going standby is stressful but amazing) and we were able to make all our flights! 

Seattle Airport


random restaurant

Our first layover was at Seattle, and the airport is gorgeous! Very spacious, with lots of great dining areas. We decided on eating some fish tacos & fish and chips. It was a great choice though a bit pricey, about 20+ bucks. Oh well, airport food…

Finally we were able to board the airplane to head to Hong kong!

first class delta

Here he is looking very tired (sorry babe!) and excited! His first time going out of country and he got to go first class!   We were able to spend 14 hours on this comfy sleep pod before landing in Hong Kong. I must also mention that I was in the one right behind him 😦 and was too shy to ask to trade seats since the guy beside him looked too comfortable! The food was pretty good on Delta, Brandon got the Steak I got the chicken, warm cookie service… pretty standard.

So, we landed in Hong Kong (had a one hour layover) and quickly went to Vietnam from there. The reason we went to Vietnam first was because my parents had given me presents and bags to bring over. Delta doesn’t fly to Vietnam so we had to fly United, which was pretty horrible.

As soon as we landed, my family took us to go eat sushi. Brandon and I weren’t hungry, but we love sushi so we couldn’t resist! Turns out… they were talking about 7-11 sushi! It was pretty bad but only 1 USD and was like spam wrapped in seaweed and small pieces of rice. The funniest thing was: I live near the city but not SAIGON, so many people here have never seen anyone from America. Brandon and I were eating and everyone kept on staring at him, not for a minute or two – more like 5 minutes. Just standing there and staring at him. He was really popular with the girls -_-” 

If you guys want to see some more photos of my trip just stop by my Instagram! I’ll be sending out some more posts this week! Here is a little mini recap !

Vietnam Photo Recap ! 

__________________________________________________________________It’s been a really long time! Almost 1 whole month since I’ve last posted on here and I missed you guys so much! Where have I been? Just dealing with crazy summer school – can you guys imagine? Everyday for 5 hours… it’s really crazy and on top of that I’ve been taking so many marketing classes! My desktop was also broken and I am a big fan of working on my desktop, the big screen, the nice keyboard, and the comfy seat just puts me in “working” mode – so yesterday my dad came home with a brand new desktop for me! Needless to say, i will be binge editing and blogging ! 


  1. I’m so jealous! Vietnam is on my list of places I would love to go to! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and it’s great to have you back in the blogosphere! 😀

    • Thanks Yazzi, that’s so sweet of you 🙂 I’m glad to be back! Vietnam is def amazing, we stayed there for a week and spent less than 100 dollars (between to both of us also!) Hope you can go there soon 🙂

  2. woods & wanderlust says

    those fish & chips look nommy!!! ^_^ glad you had a safe flight!

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