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Turning 23 + What I’ve Done + My plans

I’m finally 23 ! 11873705_10206026157246847_8459621939661381480_n

Is it just me , or does it seem that every year when we get older we get less and less presents + our birthdays don’t seem as big of a deal as it did in the past? Last year, I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant and my  22nd birthday was filled with presents, great food, and great company.

This year, I had 20 of my closest friends huddled around my dining room table, wolfing down hotdogs, nachos, and drinks. I also ended up taking shots with everyone in the room! and of course, that didn’t end well. Anyway, I digress – I’ve changed so much within the past year and I’m so grateful for all of my experiences.

For my birthday, I received a blogging mug from Brandon (with my logo on it! awesome), a background for my photos (that Brandon made it all by himself haha), and of course skincare products! I received small gifts here and there from friends, but honestly – I was so happy that everyone was able to make it to the party and had a great time!

In one year, I have been able to…

  1. Study abroad in a different country for 4 months – I was able to go to Hong Kong. There, I learned so many things about myself + life lessons!
  2. Travel to 5 countries / 7 if you count Amsterdam + France: I did Hong Kong, Vietnam, London, Rome, Taiwan
  3. Found my true calling in life : as a social media marketer and blogger.


As a 23 year old, I am going to..

  1. Attend my first blogger conference (woot woot), Don’t worry guys I’ll be sure to take great notes and share with you all.
  2. Launch my second blog to better help you guys improve your blog + learn how to use photoshop!
  3. Host my first networking event with another blogger friend, it’s in the works! 
  4. Travel the world some more ! Of course, I have to do this!
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A 27 year old college student majoring in Health Science. I'm a blogger who loves to design and spends her free time seeking inspiration from magazine articles. I love blogging about relationships, and life in general. dianasadventures.wordpress.com


  1. Happy (belated) birthday! I’m older than you and I feel so far behind! haha Well, hopefully this time next year I’ll be doing homework for my classes at my new university. 😉 I’m a PR major so we’re kind of along the same lines!

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