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Leaving my heart at the Pont Des Arts

Declaring my love at Pont Des Arts

Could anything be more dreamier or romantic? I mean, I guess if Brandon went… it would be better hah! But, this was the second most exciting thing we did after the Effiel Tower! We heard that the main bridge for locks was torn down, so this was another place we could go to leave our locks of love.
As you can see, it’s pretty popular but there were still some space to put our locks. Of course, I put Diana <3’s Brandon, and don’t worry I’ll be back here with him soon to update it !

We knew we wanted to go here, so we were able to buy our locks at Target, but if you forgot to buy yours… then don’t worry! There are plenty of vendors that are right next to the bridge. Heck, you could even get yours customized if you wanted to! 

I took a look around and found some cute locks that I liked. These are pretty cute, and I especially love the “She said yes!” one. What do you think? 

What if you’re single?  Well, then write an inspiring quote or motivating one like Vicky did!

Anyway, off to enjoy my Labor Day Weekend. Hope all of you have a great weekend as well!


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