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At the top of the Effiel Tower

At the top of the Effiel Tower

Cost: 15 Euros (for elevator)

Can you guys believe that I went to see the Effiel tower everyday that I was in Paris?! We got to visit the Effiel tower right after visiting the >> Arc De Triomphe << and it was really easy to get to. Just a quick walk from the subway and we were there. And boy, do I have plenty of stories to tell you guys! 

We both wanted to buy keychains, but after seeing that they were about 4 euros at the Arc Souvenir shop, we decided not to buy any souvenirs. Too expensive, I mean who would pay that much for a keychain? So, as we exited the subway we saw an amazing sight. 

There was a man, selling 5 keychains for 1 EURO.

I kid you not! This man was sprawled on the sidewalk, selling 5 keychains! Vicky & I swooped in and grabbed 10 keychains each and paid him before leaving. He was speaking spanish, japanese, french and english! Talk about a talented salesman!

After that we continued walking to the Effiel tower when we saw 10 other people selling the same thing for the same price, and I made the mistake of glancing at a huge Effiel Tower. The man caught my gaze and quickly ran to our side, asking if we wanted to buy one. “For you, 5 Euros.” We haggled with him, and just gave out a price, “3 euros” so he would leave us alone! Surpisingly, he said, “3.50 ” and gave us a huge ass Effiel tower and 5 KEYCHAINS. 

So, shoving our newly found gifts in our bags – we began to approach souvenir street in paris, or that’s what I would call it. The pathway leading to the Effiel tower was filled with booths set up with food, gifts, soaps, souvenirs, paintings, you name it! I filmed the street and all of the wonderful food that was featured (will post it up shortly). I ended up buying a painting, and some more small gifts. Finally, we reached the Effiel Tower…


The cool thing was, there were so many different lines for the Effiel Tower! We stood in a line where it was elevator only. You see, there are two options; you can either walk up all the stairs to reach the top or pay 15 Euros to take an elevator all the way up. 

The line wasn’t too long (shorter than Anne Frank, that’s for sure) and our 15 Euro pass enabled us to get to the very very top! Most people stay on the second floor, but we had to wait in a separate line to go to the very top. That line was long, so long that some people left when we were halfway in line. And finally, we were there..


Was it worth the wait? Not really, because you have these wires (to make sure you don’t fall or something), I was able to take these photos by sticking my camera through the holes lol. They even had a “bar” where you could buy a champagne glass (sort of like the ones at the dollar store…) and sip champagne with your loved one. Guess how much that was? I think like 30 Euros! Vicky and I joked that we should just get water and pour it into those bottles but even the water was expensive! 


The cool thing was, the other floors were pretty fun! We were able to take plenty of photos, there were bars, restaurants, even a buffet! It’s all in my video (I will never make the mistake of filming more than taking photos again!) 

effiel tower

Ending this post with a lovely picture of Vicky 🙂


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful view and experience! I guess I didn’t think about the Eiffel Tower being so busy but then again, it’s one of the most popular structures in the world!! Thanks for sharing, Diana! I loved seeing your beautiful photos as always.

  2. I didn’t realize the Eiffel Tower has restaurants inside it. Learned something new! Thank you so much for these Paris posts. It’s my dream to go there sometime in the next decade (hopefully!). I just finished reading Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer Scott about a woman who studied abroad in Paris and learned a lot of lifestyle tips from it.

    • If you go, I’m sure you’ll have so much fun! I really wish we got to stay longer 😦 I’ll check out that book – I really need to start reading more!

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