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Princess Crepe, Paris, France

Princess Crepe

princess crepe

Honestly, what would be the whole point of going to Paris if we didn’t have any crepes? We actually got to have crepes in amsterdam but those turned out horribly bad! I thought I had written a post on it… but guess I didn’t! Anyway, back to the marvelous crepe place in Paris….

We found this place on YELP , so were excited to try it and it was near the Van Gogh Museum so we didn’t have to walk too far out of the way. The outside didn’t really look like anything special, but compared to the shops in Paris it really stood out, so it didn’t take us too long to find it.


I took a quick picture of these cute little crepes on display for those who were passing by.

The workers were all so cute and I loved that they spoke Japanese with one another. When we went, there was only one couple inside the store that was patiently waiting for their crepe to finish – which was fine by us because we customized our crepe! Vicky’s French is horrible, so instead we pointed to the things we wanted and tried our best to explain.

The prices were were also very affordable – our crepes in Amsterdam cost us 5 euros but only had nutella insideWe were able to customize our own crepes with these ingredients for only For only 6.5 Euros! 

  1. Nutella
  2. Banana
  3. Cake
  4. Strawberries
  5. Icecream
  6. Whipped Cream    

princess crepe

But, I have to admit that they didn’t put a lot of nutella inside… but the cake was very delicious and not at all dry, while the icecream was good for a sunny day. Either way, can’t wait to go back soon!

Princess Crepe Video

if you guys want to see how they made the crepes, I filmed a short clip of them making it! Click above to see it 🙂


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