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Lemon Shakers

Lemon Shakers

Like I said, we visited the Effiel Tower everyday! So on our last night there, we went to the Effiel Tower to try to get some polaroid photos of us in front of it. After the trek, we were so thirsty and saw a line outside of this booth so we decided to get some lemonade.

I really wanted to get strawberry, but there weren’t anymore left. The guy working was very sweet and talkative. He knew so many languages and was Ukranian. I thought the process of making lemonade was super cool also, they used a machine to press down on the Lemons!

He told us that everyone here was basically a tourist and that all the french people have gone on vacation during August since August is notorious for having so many tourists. The lemonade was sooo good that we drank all of it within 5 minutes of getting the drink.


Nothing better than freshly made lemonade. We were also able to choose how much sugar we wanted in our lemonade, so that was pretty cool. He let us drink it after he made it so he could fix it if it was too sweet or wasn’t sweet enough.     lemon shakers


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