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Laduree Macarons

 I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret… that NO ONE KNOWS, except you guys. Those beautiful and delicious macarons in the photo? Aren’t mine. Those hands holding that beautiful box? Isn’t mine. Basically, I was stupid and did not get any macarons. I got Laduree mixed up with Bottega Louie in LA and refused to spend 36 Euros on a box of macarons!

Story Time…

Vicky and I decided to go to Laduree on our last night and it was our last stop before heading back home. Vicky didn’t even know what Laduree was and wanted to go since my sister told me to get her some macarons. We walked inside the gorgeous store (there was a little cart outside that sold macarons and icecream) and waited in line.

I didn’t understand why there were so many foreigners in line, some were even from LA! When we got to the counter, Vicky asked the guy for the prices.

Guy: A pack of 6 will be 18 Euros. 

Vicky: So cheap!

Me: What the hell, that’s expensive.

Vicky: No, he said 8 Euros.

Guy: No, 18.

Needless to say, it was pretty pricey. That’s 20 bucks for 6 macarons. I was surprised she ended up getting 2 boxes of macarons, and when she asked me if I wanted any I just shook my head no. Why would I get macarons for so much $$$ when I could get the same ones at home? 

Vicky spent the next day protecting her macarons on the filght home, and making sure they weren’t crushed. Hell for 20 bucks a box, I would have done the same. When we finally came home, my sister asked me where her macarons were, I told her that I didn’t buy any because they were too expensive. Turns out that they aren’t available in Los Angeles. 

Oh well. Next time then!


  1. I’ve heard so much about these famous macarons! You’re right, they can be expensive when you can get them elsewhere like Trader Joe’s, haha 🙂

  2. CheCheNoir says

    In all honesty I’ve had Laduree macarons from the Ginza shop in Japan. Mine cost about $32. They are delicious but no different from macarons you could get at a proper patissiere in L.A. If you care about saying you had macarons from Laduree then by all means but it’s just another brand name in my opinion! Also agree that Trader Joes macarons are yummy but they are frozen & nothing like patissiere made. 🙂

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