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Attending my first Workshop + some gorgeous photos!

Attending the Snap! Workshop in LA

I have exciting news ! I launched my blog, The Coffee Date on Thursday and I’ve been getting around 300 views a day! This is huge as Dianasadventures doesn’t get anywhere near that even though I have 600+ wonderful subscribers 🙂 You guys all know how much I love to share blogging tips + photoshop tips so if you want some more of that, don’t forget to subscribe to my new blog and follow me on there.

workshop area

Anyway, back to the main article which is what you guys are hopefully here for! haha, I was able to attend my first workshop on Saturday in LA and it was all about Instagram! The workshop was hosted by and taught us tricks and tips to utilize Instagram – though I’m not very active on Instagram and don’t consider it part of my social media strategy.

Snap workshop

The venue was amazing, and the workshop lasted from 11 – 4 PM. We were fed 3x, which is why this post is filled with so much food! I have to admit that I was the youngest person at the workshop, but this is great because that just means I’m getting a head start 🙂 Going from just a blogger to an entrepreneur is such an exciting move and I’m excited to share my journey with you guys.

The venue was gorgeous. It was a house that turned into a coworking space, had a yoga studio, a nutritionist and even a therapist on site! room

We were led to the backyard and entered the workshop room. There were about 15 other people who attended.


Since the workshop was centered around Instagram, everything was gorgeous and set up for photos! My phone sucks, so I ended up using my camera to take all of these photos. As you can tell, my photo skills have greatly improved since the last few times…


Although the workshop ended at 4, we were encouraged to stay behind to make use of the props + scenery.  but sadly I had to leave early to go to another event.

the setup nonvintage

We were also given swag bags to take home that consisted of the cutest mug ever, some skincare products, and a notebook!


It was so great to meet different people at different parts of their business, such as someone just starting out (like me), someone who has been a veteran, and even those who worked at huge advertising agencies who wanted to learn how to use instagram more strategically.


food area donuts


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