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Introducing my apartment in Madrid!

I’ve gotten tons of questions about my apartment in Madrid, how the housing hunt is, how much it costs and where it’s located at….so I thought I would make a blog post about it!

The Housing Hunt in Madrid

I’ve heard lots of crazy stories (before I came to Madrid) about how horrible and stressful the housing hunt was. Well, I can confirm that it is indeed a crazy experience, especially as someone who doesn’t speak any Spanish. Nada. None. 0.

Luckily, I came on August 19th which is before it gets really crazy. Most people rent out their apartments or rooms starting September 1st, so if you came after that…the hunt is even crazier.

Here’s why it was difficult for me (specifically).

  1. The location of my school

I work in Mostoles, this means that to get to my school I have to either take ONE BUS or switch lines 2-3 times. I decided that I wanted to make it easy on myself and just take one bus…this means that I needed to live on a specific area. This area is actually pretty TINY, literally one block because I learned from my mistake in Hong Kong and didn’t want to live anywhere that was too far from the metro or transportation.

2. I don’t speak any Spanish

People search for apartments and housing on idealista, which is the most common website to do so. If you’re looking for other choices, you can try Spotahome as well.

Idealista gives you the landlord’s number so that you can text them…because I had Google Translate, I was able to text with the landlord easily BUT when seeing the apartment in person, I needed to ask a friend to come along to help.

That means that I had to have friends come all 5 times that I went to see an apartment. 

3. 80% of the time, the landlords didn’t reply back

1. I didn’t have a spanish phone number when I first started looking

2. They rented it already and simply didn’t want to waste their time

Basically, it was HARD to even get an answer when I asked them if the room was still available.

To show you how crazy the housing hunt was… I received a contract at 11 PM (the same day I saw it) and by the time I signed it at 9 AM, it was already taken.

Anyway, let’s get to the exciting part of my blog post… My apartment!

This was actually the first apartment I saw and I went to see a different room for 600 euros. The apartment is in a nice area, Paseo De La Florida (on TripAdvisor too!) and has security. Most of all, the room was HUGE and the landlord seemed very friendly and nice.

The day after I saw it, the landlord went on vacation for one week and in the meantime I went to look at other places. I didn’t like any so, I kept on texting her but she said that it was taken by two other guys who were friends and wanted BOTH rooms (which is smart, and I understand). I kept texting her that I was ready and can come with the cash and just to let me know when. Finally, more than 1.5 weeks later, she messaged me saying it fell through and I could have the room!

My room in Paseo De La Florida

Price: 650 Euros

Minutes from Metro: 5-6 mins

Close to: Principe Pio Station, Principe Pio Mall, Madrid River


It’s a beautiful room and even bigger than my room at home which I think is a huge plus. It also has a large table so it’s perfect especially since we don’t have a living room in the home. I absolutely love it!

Originally, I wanted to share a video I took of it with you guys but…wordpress is making me upgrade? So, no thanks. Once I upload an official video on Youtube, I’ll let you guys know!

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