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3 Favorite Workout Videos !

  1) Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minutes This is the routine I am doing today! I am really digging this routine because of the “slow” burpees. I am so used to torturing myself by doing burpees during kickboxing that slow burpees are a great way to burn calories but take it easy on your body. I love the soothing voice and the girl in the video always looks so happy and enthusiastic. 37 minutes was pretty tough but like the comments said, “It is totally doable.” 2) Call Me Maybe Might Squat Challenge This blew up a while ago and after watching it you should know why. The song was very popular and the challenge is actually very hard to do. Also, you can see results so quickly! The music helps numb the pain ­čśŤ┬áThis is very tiring and I can barely finish it…but you’ll feel amazing when you’re done. 3) Want U Back Arms Challenge As someone who has just started working out, I usually tend to focus on my legs because …

Things I need to start doing..

When I had a job… I would spend all my money on food. Why not clothes? Well, I was already gaining weight and nothing looked nice on me… so I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t spend money on clothes until I got skinnier. But I digress, the 20’s are a time where some forget to take care of their skin, such as putting on sunscreen everyday (especially on your neck), finding some classes that will help you (1/4 college women will be victims of attempted rape), and classes that will help you improve your posture, along with many others.

My New Years Resolutions

Pic Credit: Chicquero 1) Work Out Ah, one of the most popular New Years Resolution. Thanks to my boyfriend (fine, I won’t place ALL the blame on him) I gained about 20-30lbs this past year just eating at restaurants. Our typical date consists of going to eat dinner then heading to watch a movie, hopefully that will change. We have already changed our eating habits and have been eating salads more often. For my birthday last year, he gave me these two items that will hopefully help motivate me to work out… a. Polar Fit Watch:┬áThis is around 60-100 dollars depending on where and when you buy it. I love it but sometimes it is a hassle to wear especially if you are low on time; also sometimes when I am doing a quick workout I don’t really feel the need to know how many calories I’m burning. I love how it lights up though in the dark but am iffy on how accurate it is… but who knows. All in all, I can wear …