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Da Francesco Review

Da Francesco Review Piazza del Fico 29 00186 Rome Italy This restaurant was the highlight of my eating adventures in Rome. For once, Trip Advisor proved worthy when it recommended this place. My sister and I actually woke up at 10 PM and rushed to Da Francesco to try their truffle pizza. They are also known for their tiramisu so we got that as well. Of course, I wanted to try their carbonara but my sister wasn’t taking anymore chances (I got it at several other places and it sucked). She went instead with the lasagna.  The truffle pizza was delicious! So, if you ever happen to come here… you know what to order. My sister ordered this but said it was too “cheesy” and she got sick of it after a while. I liked it but it felt really heavy. Should have gotten the carbonara! 

Il Brillo Parlante, Rome {Review}

Il Brillo Parlante   Via Della Fontanella 12, 00187 Rome, Italy (Campo Marzio) Trip advisor – Il Brillo Parlante After walking around the piazza del popolo, we decided to stop by here for a bite. On Tripadvisor, this place has 4 stars and 854 reviews so we thought it would be amazing. It was quite easy to find and overall, a very lovely restaurant.    We ended up ordering the Carbonara and my sister got a pizza (sorry, forgot the name of it). While my cabonara was decent – you’ll find that I didn’t really like any of the food in Italy – my sister said that her pizza was pretty bland. Out of my whole trip, this was the best cabonara I had and honestly… that’s not really saying much. Most of the cabonara I had were extremely salty.

San Crispino Gelato

  San Crispino Gelato Via della Panetteria 42 00187 Rome After seeing Trevi Fountain we checked tripadvisor to see if there were any famous gelato places in the area. Of course, the streets were littered with gelato places so we had a tough time figuring out which one to buy. My sister said San Crispino had raving reviews, I think it might be due to the fact that it is ridiculously close to the famous landmark. Now, this place was sort of hard to find due to the numerous alleys that Rome has. We walked by it the first time and after searching harder the second time – we finally found it. Due to the fact that we were there early, we were surprised to find that it was completely empty! Lucky us, we had heard there was always a line… so we were glad that we didn’t have to deal with crowds.

Settembrini Cafe, Rome.

  Settembrini Cafe Via Luigi Settembrini 25 00195 Rome Italy YELP   Ahhh Italy, known for its pizza, coffee, pasta and gelato! My sister promised me that we would “eat gelato three times a day, and drink coffee twice a day.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case. We only had gelato once a day and coffee twice a day, but I’m not complaining.  We arrived at our hotel at 8 am, check in was at 2 PM so we had 6 hours to kill. After we dropped off our suitcases, we decided to make a coffee run and explore the neighborhood. My sister had tediously planned our trip using so we were prepared with a list of coffee places to try. Settembrini was only a few minutes away so after a little trip to a small swap meet (farmers market?) we stopped in for a cup of coffee.

Last day in London!

Morning everyone! It’s 12:27 AM and I slept a good 16 hours today – talk about major jetlag. I decided not to go to Japan because I don’t want to be inside an airplane for another month. Can you believe I’ve been on an airplane for almost 60 hours in a month and a half? Gotta say it… traveling is fun but the best bed to sleep in at night is at home. Anyway, in order to post about Rome I have to finish posting about London so here is everything we did our last day there! You can probably tell this post will be rushed… just a little, because I can’t wait to tell you all the places we went to in Rome!  Natural History Museum Out of all the places… this was my favorite landmark! It was huge and amazing. We saw many students on field trips and I was just terribly jealous, if I went here at a young age I would have been mindblown! It took us about 3 hours or more to …

Sweetology Review – Festival Walk

Sweetology’s FacebookI try to not eat at Festival Walk, actually I did a pretty good job at that. When Jane and I first started Monday Dates, we ate at festival walk. We typically ate at Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, and then always ended our meal with dessert at Yo Ma Ma Frozen Yogurt. These lunches would cost us quite a bit, around 90 HKD and it was a big treat for us. Luckily, we only ate like that for a few weeks then I moved to Mong Kok and we were able to eat ramen for 30 HKD and get boba (Come Buy) for another 20 HKD! So much cheaper. But, Jane spent her last month traveling to pretty much every country in Asia! Seriously, she’s gone everywhere and by herself! So, I found myself eating at Festival Walk more often because it was close to school and Sham + Nancy were always there. Through Sham and Nancy, I was able to eat more western food, as Jane and I typically liked to eat asian food. Anyway, I digress…. basically, thanks …

Teawood – TST

 Teawood Review 2 Carnarvon Plaza, 20 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui I only went here for the brick toast. Look at it… it looks better than anything I’ve ever seen.  Jim asked Jane and I if we finally wanted to meet his girlfriend so we decided to meet up in TST. I’ve wanted to try Teawood for a while and was waiting to eat there with Sham & Nancy but as luck would have it – Jim’s girlfriend took us here! The place was soo nice. I found out that there was one in Mong Kok also that just recently opened, too bad I never got to eat there again. We made it right on time, because after we were seated… there was literally a line out the door!  Their drink menu was very large and we each got a different drink. What we ordered Sorry, the details are fuzzy since this was a month ago 😦 My strawberry drink. It was really good! Jane’s chocolate drink. I actually wish I got this instead. Jim and …

Snow Story – Mong Kok Food Diaries

Snow Story G/F, 119 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok   The thing I missed most about Cali were all the yummy desserts we had. By simply driving 15 minutes, I could choose between macaron icecream, brick toast, hot warm cookie topped with vanilla bean icecream or all sorts of boba. Surprisingly, my friends and I found it hard to find dessert places in HK (maybe we weren’t looking hard enough?). So, after moving to MK I decided to venture out by myself and found Snow Story.  I had no one to go with, and I’m still not a fan of eating by myself so I decided to wait. Finally, Jim and I were able to go to Snow Story. I felt bad, I dragged him around while we got lost. But luckily, I didn’t give up and we finally were able to find it. The Menu   We were not able to choose our macaron flavors, so we were only able to choose our icecream flavor. The macaron was not good at all, it was …

Cafe Retour – Mong Kok Food Diaries

Cafe Retour Ground No.6 Ting Choi Street, Mong Kok If Jane and I were in the mood for some inexpensive italian food then we would go to Cafe Retour. I absolutely adore their lunch menu because it came with soup and bread. There were also plenty of things to choose from and they had an extensive menu of baked potatoes (sadly, we both didn’t try it because it was more expensive than the pasta). The soup tasted runny and wasn’t that good, but we always managed to eat it all! As you can see, the bread was pretty tiny and thin. But, as it was so cheap we couldn’t complain. The Menu

Favorite Find: Bourough Market

  Borough Market Excuse the red car that ruined my picture. This was by far the highlight of my trip. Why? Because it combined: Food + Surprise all in one! We were on our way to see London Bridge but stumbled across this hidden gem instead. It is the largest market I’ve ever encountered and I am so in love with it. Tom, surprisingly, has never heard of it nor gone inside so we all decided to explore it.  They have a huge section of all cheese, beer, and vegetarian food. Tom went crazy and discovered his love for pickled radish. We also saw a place that sold: Reindeer meat, Kangaroo meat, and Zebra Meat!     Tom got this at the stand above, he said it was the best he’s ever had! The Sausage on a stick that we got. I barely tried it because it was so tiny, but cheap so I shouldn’t be complaining.       Something exotic. Reindeer burgers, Kangaroo burgers, and kangaroo fillet. Our Wangus burger. It was really good, but the meat …