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Taco Chaca Review

{ Taco Chaca } SAI YING PUN, G/F, 1 Second Street It was my second week in Hong Kong, and I was tired of eating at the mall. Jim mentioned that there was this Mexican restaurant near his house, so we ended up exploring Sheung Wan for a bit and walked here. The second time I went, we took a taxi because it was raining, but if the weather is nice – walk there instead! The place was pretty small, but had about four tables and some stools. I do admit that the food can be a bit pricey, but it tastes wonderful! The price range is from $51-$100 HKD (so $6.50- $13USD).  I got the pollo quesadilla and it filled me up and obviously I loved it as I went a week later and got the same thing. The second time I went, It cost almost 200 HKD (almost $26 USD) for a beer, a burrito, pollo quesadilla, and chips + salsa. Picture of Jane + Jim waiting patiently for their food!

Star Ferry

Star Ferry If you guys have been following along, I live on Hong Kong Island. Star Ferry takes me from TST to Central but there are other routes also. It also only costs 2.50 HKD and the trip lasts about 10 minutes. You can either pay with your ocotupus card or buy a token from a machine.

Spending the day in MACAU

Why I had to go to Macau Many exchange students and people who have not gotten their visa’s validated are required to leave the country (Hong Kong) and come back in through immigration to get it stamped. I was recommended to go to Macau by my school; I was really nervous because I thought I would have to make the trip alone but while waiting in line, I made a new friend : Jane. Me & Jane decided that we were going to Macau together after one day of meeting each other and it was the best decision ever! We have now become best friends 🙂 How to get to Macau from Hong Kong Getting to Macau was very easy and hassle free. We had to board the turbo jet, there are two locations : Sheung Wan or TST. My friend and I opted to take the TST way. The trip will cost roughly about 50 USD dollars and it will take one hour to get to Macau. The boat was a bit more fancy …

A peek inside my hotel

Currently staying at the Y-LOFT in CHAI WAN.  I might be staying here for 5 months but Im not sure yet. I pay about 510 a month so the room is more than 1000  a month for my roomie and I. The place is very nice so I don’t mind paying that much though I wish it were bigger. But, my sister said that this is one of the bigger hotels so I guess I just have to suck it up. The neighborhood is OK, I am surrounded by two shopping malls though (pics up later), so I guess I can’t complain. The reason why I said the neighborhood was OK is because we are very far from everything. We are actually the very last stop on the metro!  It also boasts of a fitness room and an upcoming restaurant. Since I’m up at 2 am everyday I make sure to go and work out as soon as the fitness room opens which is at 8 am . The fitness room is actually only 4 …