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samsung nx3000

Introducing my camera : Samsung NX3000

My Samsung NX3000  Scroll to the bottom of this post to view some test shots with it!  On Saturday, I had my graduation party where I was surrounded by all my wonderful friends and the boyfriend. At the end of the party, my boyfriend and best friend asked everyone to take a group photo so as he was taking the photo, my best friend told him to grab her phone so he could take the photo. He went inside my room and suddenly came out with this beauty! I was so surprised because I was expecting my parents to get the camera for me after my graduation. Get a nice long look at this camera because hopefully you won’t see it too much (since I’ll be taking photos with it from now on!). This is my first non point and shoot camera and I couldn’t be happier! It is super light and compact – which makes it great for traveling, and for shooting vlogs!   Brandon was also sweet enough to charge it the day prior to my party, buy me …

Gifts from Hong Kong

  Of course, you can’t come home not bearing gifts! I actually bought these very last minute because of the protests in Hong Kong. Mong Kok was deemed dangerous (by my friends) and I was advised to stay away… but I made a last minute trip to Mong Kok and was able to purchase these goodies. Not pictured: I bought 3 selfie sticks + 3 mini purses, along with 1 universal lens for my phone.  The clutches were so cheap, 100 HKD for 6! That translates to around 13 USD. These were bought at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok.  The selfie sticks are sold at Ladies Market also… but do not buy them there! They were about 80 HKD at ladies market, but I bought them for 55 HKD = 7 USD at Sinwo (a huge plaza nearby).    The amazing Selfie Stick! I should have bought this earlier. Everyone in Hong Kong has a selfie stick and I was late to the party. I love the long reach, how easy it is to use, and …

Photoshoot at the park

Model: Victoria Sea Photographer: Diana Trinh It was Vicky’s off day so we decided to meet to take photos! I wanted to try out my polaroid camera and also have her model some of my clothing. The brand is called Secretly.yours and will be on store envy soon! Also, I’m giving away a pair of these sunnies so check back soon! The aftermath, look at those pretty polaroids. I’ll be back with the prices + giveaway soon!

{Officially} Shooting at Corona Del Mar

Love Wrap Bracelet Details Model: Christine Hoang Photographer : Me ! Location: Corona Del Mar Camera: Canon G9 (powershot) It was all very last minute, but my good friend asked me to shoot her so I decided to turn it into a mini photoshoot! She is just so adorable and pretty so I was very nervous to do so. I told her that I didn’t take the photos from the last photoshoot but I would try my best. The photos came out great (in my opinion). Nouveau Red Ring

Slowly Learning… photoshoot at Corona del Mar

  Behind the Scenes at Corona Del Mar I’ve worked in Newport Beach before, but have never gone to any beach near there. Actually, I’m not a beach gal – I hate the beach, the sand, basically almost everything about it except for the salty air. Weird right? Maybe I take it for granted since I used to live about a 15 minute walking distance from it but what can I say? You wouldn’t find me anywhere near there. It was a very last minute shoot, we were supposed to go to the Dog Park & take pictures. My friend’s friend is a professional photographer and always goes on shoots so he offered to teach me how to use my old camera a Canon 9g. So, off I went… to a guy’s house that I never met more than 2 times, luckily my friend offered to come along. The drive was about 40 minutes and he posted on FB asking if anyone wanted to model and these two girls came along. They were friendly, about 19 and very …

Heritage Park Photoshoot

#Behindthescenes Heritage Park Photoshoot! 18600 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703 I am super excited to write this post… so excited that I quickly hurried home, pestered my photographer friend (Patrick) and edited all my photos (that I took myself). This was taken with my little point & Shoot (the same one I gave Brandon for xmas). Just because you have a inexpensive camera doesn’t mean you can’t take nice pictures!!!  Here’s a little recap of what happened.. It was actually a horrible horrible horrible day. I was already running late for my 4pm appointment with my models (just two of my best friends) & my photographer. I got there early, so that’s how I was able to grab all of these wonderful shots. If you’ve never been to Heritage Park before, then please take your children or even your spouse here! It’s wonderful.    Heritage has so many buildings inside it’s “Little Island”. There’s even a castle (sorry no pictures because I was too lazy to walk around). Yay! Each “house” has slides, stairs, little ramps. Brandon & …