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Published on Feminspire!

  It was 3 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep. My sleeping schedule is completely messed up thanks to Game Of Thrones – I watch up to 10 episodes in a day. So, after writing a blog post that was inspired by recent events, I debated upon posting it on here. I love writing, I really do but sometimes I prefer to keep my blog lighthearted, before I would post up “late night posts” but those didn’t really quite recieve any attention so I decided to look for another source. I searched the internet for popular “womens online magazines” or “Blogs for women” before I stumbled upon Feminspire. After reading a few posts about Love and relationships I contacted them at 3:30 am and submitted my document. I didn’t think anything would happen of it but in the morning I woke up to an email saying that they were going to publish it! It’s actually been published a few days ago but I had so many things to update you guys on… so here it is! …

Relationship Tip: Keep your friends close

  After being in a relationship with Brandon for a year and a half, I’ve finally reached the moment where I am slowly getting out of the honey moon phase. What is the honeymoon phase? In my own definition, its a phase where you and your significant other are so in love with each other that you guys don’t see each others flaws, want to be with them 24/7 and essentially think they are perfect. Although I still get excited to go on dates with Brandon, we are slowly having our own lives and are able to do things that don’t require being with each other. But, as the honey moon phase is slowly coming to an end.. I came to a realization- I lost all my friends.

You set your own standards.

    You make your own standards, whether you know it or not – and people treat you according to your standards. This could be with a boyfriend or even a friend, how they will treat you is how you let them treat you.  I may be a weak person when it comes to speaking my mind, but I will never lower my standards – especially not when it comes to men. In this post, I am not using “standard” by the normal definition.

Date Sticks! Everyone needs to do this with their S/O

My boyfriend bought everything we needed for the date sticks… and we put it together! We actually lost this but are planning on making it again.  You pair up the colors with how expensive the date was. Red and purple- $$$ (Things we had to get dressed up for, spending the night at a hotel, bed and breakfast.) Orange Green and Blue: $$ Not too bad, like a dinner out at our favorite restaurant Plain – $ (Picnics, watching a movie at home)