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Pura d’or Hair & Body Care Review

Pura d’or Hair & Body Care Review This was seriously a gift from the heavens! I was so excited when I was gifted three products from  Pura d’or Hair & Body Care. My hair has been falling out so much that my sister told me that she noticed it was thinning. At 22 years old, that’s something that you don’t want to hear. Actually, that’s something that no one wants to hear! We always seem to spend more time on our skin but we need to realize that hair care is also very important.  I was given three items: Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo – This shampoo is free from harsh chemicals that are the leading cause of hair conditions. It prevents hair loss, strengthens hair and adds volume! Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner – This conditioner adds shine and manages frizz. Pure and Organic Argan Oil – can be used for your body, face, and hair. The benefits of Argan Oil are numerous! On To The Review! Let’s start with my favorite, the all organic …

Avenue of the Arts – VDay Weekend

This valentines, things went a little different. Brandon asked me a few days before Valentines Day if I thought we “overdo” things.“Overdo things? I don’t think so… it’s not like we go all out.” I replied. But, a quick look through our past valentines day revealed a different story. Valentines Day in SF 2014  : We flew out first class to San Francisco and stayed at the Hyatt, which is Brandon’s favorite hotel so far. Plus, plenty of gift giving also. So, after glancing at the previous post, we decided to tone it down a little bit this year. We stayed at a nice hotel, I gave Brandon a Robe + Lucky Brand Belt and he treated me out the whole weekend to yummy restaurants.  Anyway, on to the hotel review! If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you should know that I appreciate a great hotel. I love spacious rooms, a great view (rarely get a great view actually), quiet surroundings, and overall great customer service. Avenue of the Arts hotel was actually one of the best hotels I’ve ever …

Gelateria dei Gracchi , Rome

  Gelateria dei Gracchi Via dei Gracchi 272 00192 Rome Italy Prati In Rome, we were only able to eat at three gelato places. Why? Because we found Gelateria dei gracchi! After having it, we were unable to go anywhere else! The prices were pretty much on par with other places and it was about 2.50 Euros for a small. We went here everyday, and due to our horrible sleep schedule we would wake up at 11:30 PM and rush downstairs to grab a cone before they closed. 

Il Brillo Parlante, Rome {Review}

Il Brillo Parlante   Via Della Fontanella 12, 00187 Rome, Italy (Campo Marzio) Trip advisor – Il Brillo Parlante After walking around the piazza del popolo, we decided to stop by here for a bite. On Tripadvisor, this place has 4 stars and 854 reviews so we thought it would be amazing. It was quite easy to find and overall, a very lovely restaurant.    We ended up ordering the Carbonara and my sister got a pizza (sorry, forgot the name of it). While my cabonara was decent – you’ll find that I didn’t really like any of the food in Italy – my sister said that her pizza was pretty bland. Out of my whole trip, this was the best cabonara I had and honestly… that’s not really saying much. Most of the cabonara I had were extremely salty.

Settembrini Cafe, Rome.

  Settembrini Cafe Via Luigi Settembrini 25 00195 Rome Italy YELP   Ahhh Italy, known for its pizza, coffee, pasta and gelato! My sister promised me that we would “eat gelato three times a day, and drink coffee twice a day.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case. We only had gelato once a day and coffee twice a day, but I’m not complaining.  We arrived at our hotel at 8 am, check in was at 2 PM so we had 6 hours to kill. After we dropped off our suitcases, we decided to make a coffee run and explore the neighborhood. My sister had tediously planned our trip using so we were prepared with a list of coffee places to try. Settembrini was only a few minutes away so after a little trip to a small swap meet (farmers market?) we stopped in for a cup of coffee.

Welcome to Rome! Beldes HR Hotel

Beldes HR Hotel Via degli Scipioni, 239, 00192 Roma, Italy I loved this hotel! It was close to the subway (only 3 minutes away), close to the bus stops (also 3 mins away), and within walking distance to all the places we wanted to go to. I especially love traveling with my sister because she plans EVERYTHING and she picked this hotel because it was right in the middle. Also, it’s only two blocks away from a famous gelato place.  Location: The hotel was super convenient to get to. In order to get to the Hotel from the airport we simply caught a bus, then took the bus to the main subway station which is : Termini. Then we took the subway and got off Lepanto. So if you decide to stay here, getting here is a breeze from all major landmarks because you can simply take the bus or subway and get off at this stop! It is within walking distance to most major landmarks, such as the spanish steps, shopping centers, farmers market and others. Also there …

Christmas Gifts

  Happy Holidays! The older I get, the less presents I get every year… but that’s okay because I realize that there’s more to Christmas than just gift giving. I was worried I would not get to spend Christmas with my family this year, but I was able to spend a quiet day in with them. Normally, on Christmas Eve I would head up to Brandon’s but this year… my sister, mom and I stayed in. My family isn’t big on Christmas at all – and this was the first year I didn’t have my annual Christmas party so it honestly didn’t feel like Christmas at all! Our house wasn’t decorated, and we didn’t have Christmas breakfast but I still felt very happy. I have such a great family who supports me and looks after me. The day after Christmas, Brandon came up and surprised me and my family with gifts. I am so blessed to have him! I also got a couple of coats from my sister and cothes (not pictured, of course) but I’ll be sure to …

Winter Scrubs

In case you guys haven’t noticed… I’m back in Cali and am missing Hong Kong terribly. There’s one thing I don’t miss though – the crazy weather. Since coming back home, I’ve been undoing all the damage that has befallen it last month… thanks to the crazy stress of having finals a month early and the unpredictable weather… it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking like a train wreck all of November and most of December.  Read below for a mini review !

Happy Family Hostel – Taipei

Stay at the Happy Family Hostel  After browsing around online, I found that most hostels in Taipei were booked such as Rainbow Hostel (recommended to me by Tomai). I went online and Happy Family Hostel was the first place that popped up. Upon looking through the prices, I found it was very affordable compared to other hostels. Other hostels are about 13-15 USD and it’s a shared dorm. Dorm – NT$400 Single – NT$700 Double Room – NT$1000 (total price$ for 2 people) – $33 USD Stay 1 week get 1 day free Air Conditioning is available for most all rooms for a small extra charge Air Conditioning is free in dorms I have to admit, I am a horrible planner… don’t trust me for any trips. I just chose this place without looking at the location; I was just so happy to find a hostel that lists the price and have it show up on google search. I was a bit worried to find that they don’t have an online booking system… you just email …

Burgeroom – Causeway Bay

Burgeroom 7 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong+852 2890 9130 It was Jim’s birthday, so when presented with two destinations: Sheung Wan or Causeway Bay. Since Causeway Bay is closer to Chai Wan, I chose it… also having the F21 to spend time in while waiting for them to arrive was great also. The original plan was just to walk around and see what kind of food there was, but after a while of walking around we decided to just openrice something western. We decided on grabbing Burgeroom after seeing it be one of the only options on the menu. The menu was pretty huge, and they had a wide variety of burgers: Jim got the “Pineapple Cheeseburger” while I got the “Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger”. My burger was 80 HKD, while his was 84 HKD. The fries we got were just regular thick cut fries for 20 HKD (a bit pricey IMO but oh well) and the drinks were about 17 HKD (also pricey). I would like to mention that there is a 7-11 …