Hong Kong Adventures

Thinking about going to Hong Kong?


I spent 4 months in Hong Kong from August – December (2014).
Read all about my favorite restaurants, and other travel adventures ! 

Where I stayed at | 

1. Y- Loft Hotel in Chai Wan – Don’t recommend it as it is very out of the way. Though the hotel is very nice and modern, it took me almost an hour to get anywhere! The prices aren’t too bad though for what you get. They offer free breakfast, excellent rooms, and room service. Also… rooftop track, need I say more?

2. Cozy Loft – Mong Kong – I’m going to Hong Kong soon… and I am def. going to stay here again! Everyone was so friendly and nice, and of course Pearl is always such a sweetheart! The rooms are super clean, the location is AMAZING (imagine walking out of your hostel and you’re right in the heart of Mong Kong!). Prices were about 22 USD a bunk. 

My Favorite Restaurants |

1. Smile Dessert, Causeway Bay – Delicious, easy to find and HUGE. We had the chocolate lover at 61 HKD.

2. Burgerroom, Causeway Bay – Huge Burgers, and I mean HUGE. Afterall, I’m from Cali where we are used to having huge burgers thanks to Slaters but even I was impressed. Around 80 HKD.

3. Teawood , TST – Oh Teawood, why did I have to find you just a few weeks before I left? Their drinks were so yummy and colorful, also the location was so nice. Sadly, I left before visiting their MK location 😦

4. Sweetology, Festival Walk – Right next to my school and they have a lunch set? Sold! I loved their unlimited tea, it made me feel like a princess haha. A bit on the pricey side though, but not too bad if you compared it with other western places.

5. OCIO, Mong Kok – Okay, this takes the cake. What do you do if you want something similar to a pizookie? Go here! Reasonably priced, and the servings are decent (enough to share, at least). Also, best customer service ever! We went here two days in a row! + I was debating on having my last meal here. That’s how delicious it is!

6. BLT Burger, TST – Loved this place. Its located in a mall, so that’s pretty cool too. I really liked the environment and I think it’s better than BURGEROOM.

Night Life | 

1. Wednesday Nights in Hong Kong – Free drinks for ladies! Where? Click this link to find out my favorite places to go! Also… a great place to sober up.

2. Highest Bar in the world ! – Need I say more? Located in the Ritz Carlton. Even if you don’t like expensive drinks (emphasis on expensive) stop by just so you can brag to your friends.

Places to See

1. Victoria Peak – See a 360 view of Hong Kong! Also, eat some yummy food 🙂

I’ll try my best to update this. 

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  1. Ryn Reynard says

    This is such a great guide, thank you for sharing! I would love to visit there some time!

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