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Breakfast in Amsterdam

Broodje Bert Singel 321, 1012 WK Amsterdam, Netherlands I had forgotten how horrible food was in Europe (Rome, England), until this trip. Food was so horrible that we actually ate Indian food 3 times in Amsterdam, and even the burgers were bland and lacked flavor. Although Amsterdam is known for their “frites” we just didn’t like them! I much prefer Mcdonalds fries. I know, call me crazy.  And, everything was served on top of a plate of fries!! Example: Lamb meat served on top fries and their idea of a salad is literally two slices of tomato and some sliced onion!  Anyway, we were so glad we stumbled upon this gem even while it was raining. Since the place itself was tiny, we were forced to sit outside which on a normal sunny day would have been perfect for people-watching , but instead it was raining! Vicky & I were seriously craving anything with eggs so we were seriously so excited that sitting in the rain didn’t bother us. We thought the waitress would bring out …

Delta Airlines – Best Airplane Meals

 Delta Airlines has the best meals, hands down! Well, of course I might be a little Bias, since I only fly Delta but still – I love airplane food regardless.  Back in December and January, I traveled from Hong Kong to LA, then LA to England, then back home, then finally traveled from LA to Rome then back home. Needless to say, I felt like I spent my whole month traveling and getting sick. Even as a frequent traveler, my immune system always acts up. But I digress. During those traveling periods, the only thing that stopped me from going insane was all the movies I got to watch and all the delicious food I got to eat. Here’s a collection of some of the best airplane food I’ve ever had! Even though first class / business class offers alcoholic drinks, I’m not much of a cocktail girl. So, I always make sure to just get juice, though my sister always get Mimosas! I especially love how there are three courses; the appetizer, the entree, then dessert! The …

England Vlog

Watch my England Vlog ! In January, I was able to go to England to visit my friend Tom for a week. It was really fun though I wouldn’t really want to go again. London was way too overpriced and I prefer Rome instead. If you want to catch up on my England travel posts then you can view them here 🙂 This was my first ever video that I made so I’m very proud of it, although you can obviously see how “new” I was at making videos! When I travel in the summer, then I’ll be sure to post up even more videos! My rome files were erased, so all the clips I took were lost 😦  1. On the way to England – See all the yummy food I got to eat on the plane! 2. Brighton Pier – Regency Restaurant – My first time having FISH AND CHIPS. Delicious! 3. Ultimate favorite – Bourough Market – A Marketplace for freshly made food, everything was so delicious – also featuring my HUGE burger. See the rest …

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review

Lush Father Christmas Bath Bomb Review This is my first bathbomb EVER. So, of course I had high expectations. See Santa? Well, he’s from Rome. That’s right… I bought my bathbomb from Rome because it was basically half off and so cheap that I just had to buy it! Even though he was half off, he was still a bit expensive so I was saving him for a special occasion. When Valentines day came, I took him out from the shelf that he had been sitting on for one long month and brought him along with me to the hotel room.  Excuse the chipped nails . So, after drawing a bath – I threw him in. Watching my first ever bathbomb fizzle was such an incredible feeling (weird? I know). Now, while he was fizzing away sorry santa! I kept on imagining all the great things that would come from this $7 dollar bathbomb. Would my skin glow? Would I feel great and smell great? Would my skin be smooth and moisturized?   Second time I took it out..

Sciascia Caffe 1919

Sciascia Caffe 1919 Via Fabio Massimo 80/A, 00192 Rome, Italy What a lovely little coffee shop! This place was a mere 5 minutes away from our hotel (walking distance) and was pretty easy to find. We liked it so much we came here two days in a row. They also have fresh coffee beans for sale, but sadly – we didn’t buy any. When you first enter, you are faced with a little “waiting/lobby area”. You can sip your coffee there while looking at the coffee beans (and people watch) or go inside the other room where you can order and sit down.  Looks delicious right? Well. It was amazingly good! Better than the other places we visited. The place itself is pretty nice, and the staff are all so friendly! Don’t be fooled, the coffee bar area was pretty crowded! Famous actors I don’t know… though the guy in the bottom Right looks familiar.

Amaroni’s Little Italy, Festival Walk

I decided to take a quick break from blogging about Rome to continue my food adventures in Hong Kong! Here is by far my favorite place to eat.  Yes, this place is romantic and I would take Brandon here as soon as he comes to Hong Kong. & Yes, the cabornora here is amazing and is even better than all the carbonara I’ve ever had in my entire life + that includes Rome.  I mentioned before that when Jane began to travel all over Asia (I was very jealous), it rekindled my friendship with Sham. So , while I missed Jane greatly – I had Sham and a new awesome friend , Nancy. Whereas Jane and I stuck to mostly asian food, Sham introduced me to more western food and thankfully… this place. I’ve never been a big fan of pasta, but I am still dreaming about the delicious spaghetti Carbonara.  We got to eat here twice I think, maybe three times at most and each time was better than the first. First of all, the environment is …


  Prices: full : € 12,00 reduced : € 7,50 How to get here: Roma, Piazza del Colosseo Metro: Line B – “Colosseo” Bus: Line 75 – 81 – 673 – 175 – 204 Tram: Line 3 Rome was so small that we could have walked here from our hotel! But we instead took the metro since we were sure that we would do lots of walking around throughout the day. Thanks to our Roma Pass, we were able to enter this exhibit for free. I would also like to mention that the purchase of this ticket also allows you to enter the colosseum roman forum and palatine. I actually dropped my camera right outside the Coloseeum but thankfully it still worked! The view was quite nice and there were plenty of statues and things to see. Of course, we spent the whole time taking hundreds of photos… but only a few came out nice as it was too sunny to grab a nice picture.

Da Francesco Review

Da Francesco Review Piazza del Fico 29 00186 Rome Italy This restaurant was the highlight of my eating adventures in Rome. For once, Trip Advisor proved worthy when it recommended this place. My sister and I actually woke up at 10 PM and rushed to Da Francesco to try their truffle pizza. They are also known for their tiramisu so we got that as well. Of course, I wanted to try their carbonara but my sister wasn’t taking anymore chances (I got it at several other places and it sucked). She went instead with the lasagna.  The truffle pizza was delicious! So, if you ever happen to come here… you know what to order. My sister ordered this but said it was too “cheesy” and she got sick of it after a while. I liked it but it felt really heavy. Should have gotten the carbonara! 

San Crispino Gelato

  San Crispino Gelato Via della Panetteria 42 00187 Rome After seeing Trevi Fountain we checked tripadvisor to see if there were any famous gelato places in the area. Of course, the streets were littered with gelato places so we had a tough time figuring out which one to buy. My sister said San Crispino had raving reviews, I think it might be due to the fact that it is ridiculously close to the famous landmark. Now, this place was sort of hard to find due to the numerous alleys that Rome has. We walked by it the first time and after searching harder the second time – we finally found it. Due to the fact that we were there early, we were surprised to find that it was completely empty! Lucky us, we had heard there was always a line… so we were glad that we didn’t have to deal with crowds.

New Year Resolutions 2015

Late to the party, but better late than never! 2014 has been the best year so far. I was able to study abroad, meet wonderful friends who I will always have fond memories with, explore the world and finish an amazing internship. While many of my resolutions have been the same these past few years, this year will be different. I hope I’ll be able to stick to my new year resolutions and finish strong! The list 1. Learn something new. Whether it’s improving on my HTML, or CSS+, it’s always good to learn something new. This year, I have decided to invest in Rosetta stone and learn spanish and improve on my chinese. Instead of learning traditional chinese, I am starting to learn simplified chinese (which is easier to remember). 2. Be more active and healthy. Thanks to studying abroad, I was able to shed a few pounds but after my Rome trip… I gained almost all of it back! I have started to look back into kickboxing lessons and have already emailed some places …