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{Officially} Shooting at Corona Del Mar

Love Wrap Bracelet Details Model: Christine Hoang Photographer : Me ! Location: Corona Del Mar Camera: Canon G9 (powershot) It was all very last minute, but my good friend asked me to shoot her so I decided to turn it into a mini photoshoot! She is just so adorable and pretty so I was very nervous to do so. I told her that I didn’t take the photos from the last photoshoot but I would try my best. The photos came out great (in my opinion). Nouveau Red Ring

Heritage Park Photoshoot

#Behindthescenes Heritage Park Photoshoot! 18600 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703 I am super excited to write this post… so excited that I quickly hurried home, pestered my photographer friend (Patrick) and edited all my photos (that I took myself). This was taken with my little point & Shoot (the same one I gave Brandon for xmas). Just because you have a inexpensive camera doesn’t mean you can’t take nice pictures!!!  Here’s a little recap of what happened.. It was actually a horrible horrible horrible day. I was already running late for my 4pm appointment with my models (just two of my best friends) & my photographer. I got there early, so that’s how I was able to grab all of these wonderful shots. If you’ve never been to Heritage Park before, then please take your children or even your spouse here! It’s wonderful.    Heritage has so many buildings inside it’s “Little Island”. There’s even a castle (sorry no pictures because I was too lazy to walk around). Yay! Each “house” has slides, stairs, little ramps. Brandon & …

Lapis lazuli Leather Wrap Bracelet Giveaway!

 I partnered up with Tanya, from  Accessodium to give away this wonderful handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet!   Tanya is a part time Yoga Instructor who loves to create. “I love beautiful accessories, knit and crochet clothing and I love to create all those beautiful things! I have learned that we are all different and I would like to make my shop a reflection of this diversity. I hope you will find something you will love!” I love Accessodium because all the items are just so unique and handmade – perfect for someone who wants to stand out and someone who adores handmade items. The bracelet, itself, is so carefully handcrafted and made with love. My favorite part? The beads! The color looks so vibrant and stunning. Unisex Lapis lazuli Leather Wrap Bracelet / Gorgeous Dark Blue Gemstones bracelet  (Valued at $30) Bracelet made of lapis lazuli round disc beads on a brown leather cord. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful cobalt blue stone regarded as the stone of friendship and truth. The blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and help its …

Working hard or Hardly working?

Yesterday was actually the first day I got to work in “office”. I got to take all these wonderful pictures and just finished editing them. Here’s a sneak peek at what I did so far. Also – these should be up on the website soon ; so don’t forget to stop by Serene Sky to view them!  Taking photos do bring me joy, so I was ecstatic when Donna asked me to take photos! The lighting was pretty nice, and my model/coworker: Marion was oh so pretty! I’d say I took pictures of about 10 or so necklaces; although I wish I could just show you guys all of it… I need to wait!  Also, I’d like to update you guys! I’m going to host my first giveaway! Be warned, I will bother you guys by asking you guys to participate! 

Celebrate Summer! Serene Sky Trunk show

Serene Sky’s Trunk Show! Super excited to be sharing this post with you guys! As you guys all know, I am interning for Serene Sky as their digital Marketing / Graphic Designer! I was able to go to one of their events, which was Celebrate Summer. This event was hosted Sunday June 29th, at Salon Thairapy in Huntington Beach, CA. I was able to meet my lovely fellow Interns: Leah and Marion; I was also able to FINALLY meet my amazing boss: Donna!  Hard at work; with Annie (Fashion Designer), Leah, and Donna! Salon Thairapy 8837 Adams Ave, Huntington Beach, California 92646 Visit their FB here This salon was huge and all the staff were super friendly! The staff offered us a chance to get our hair braided for free, but I was too busy snapping photos. Here’s Donna with her fishtail braid! So cute! A peek inside the salon… Look at the Food they laid out for us! Thanks so much Salon Thairapy for being amazing and super sweet!  It’s Show Time! Here’s a peek at all …

Tiffany Blue Accessories

{Outfit Post} Tiffany Blue   I tried to come up with an interesting name for this post… but really couldn’t. So, here’s a quick outfit post. I asked Brandon what color he thought this was since at 2 am it seemed green to me (I know…) but he told me it seemed Tiffany Blue; so Tiffany Blue it is! Planning to wear this on our trip to Knott’s today. I’ll have photos up by the end of the night 🙂  I wouldn’t consider myself an accessories girl since I’m always losing my necklaces, forgetting to wear my sunnies, and fiddle with my fingers too much for rings but as I’m interning for Serene Sky… I might as well try to play around and find accessories that compliment my outfits.  Outfit Details Top: F21 / Sunnies: Secretly.yours (my shop) / Ring: Thrifted / Earrings & Necklace: F21     These earrings are oh so cute… They really go well with the shirt. Close up of the sunnies. I’m including them in my giveaway soon!  P/S: Hope you guys are liking …

Updating my Portfolio

Things I recently made for my internship. Hi guys! It’s been about a good two – three weeks of my internship, and so far I have done so much! It’s been a lot of fun, if you guys would like to see more of my work then visit the page  Serene Sky  and shop our cute accessories; we will be adding more clothing soon! So far, there should be two blog posts up soon and my first newsletter is coming out Thursday! I’ve been designing most of the banners and revamping up the website, hope you guys like what you see!   We were also featured on these amazing bloggers page, so be sure to check them out.     Also, if you guys need any help or want to collab with me then feel free to drop me an email: 

Serene Sky Boutique & My favorite items

Hi Guys! Talk about some late night blogging, I’ve been a little too busy and sick to blog but here’s a huge update on what I’ve been doing! I was really bored (hence all the major posting I’ve been doing… once a day!) so I went online and looked for some internships that had to do with fashion & Blogging. I ended up landing an intern position as Serenesky’s graphic designer and blogger!  Feel Free to visit Serene Sky Here   My first post, you can read it on their blog 🙂 Aren’t these items lovely? Here’s why I love these items. 1. Nouveau Blue Ring – I love vibrant colors such as this gorgeous sea blue ring. Though the color is bold, it looks sophisicated – you’ll stand out without causing too much of a scene. I also love the gold plated brass, it gives it a mesmerizing look.   2. Silver Open Infinity CZ Necklace – I chose this necklace because I’m a die hard romantic. I love everything heart related! Men, take note; this would be a wonderful gift …

Spring Accessories ! Etsy Featured Shops

Back again with my Etsy Featured Shops! I did this last night and it took longer than I thought it would take… about an hour. But I’m still learning very slowly and gathering up inspiration from magazines! I want to note that I was not paid or asked to feature any of these shops. I also took time out of my day to find these shops 🙂 Featured Items/Shops Click on these links and send them some love. Also, browse their shops and see if there’s anything else you like! 1. Cute Springtime Phone Case – These cute cases are only ten dollars each! I’m planning on buying one from here…they look unique and this shop has great reviews! 2. Darling Flower Crowns – I stumbled upon this shop while searching up “etsy” in the tag. I love all these beautiful pictures, and the landscape just looks so peaceful! The flower crowns look very well made and there should be some graduation lei’s coming up soon! Also, I am so happy to say that these flower crowns are not …

Fresh Picks ; Sunglasses

Perfect Sunglasses for the Summer. Are you guys liking these sunglasses as much as I am? My dream is to open up a clothing store one day, and I decided to start small. Hopefully these sunglasses are something that everyone can enjoy. I love the colors! Different shapes and sizes also.  My favorite is purple haze. So cute & Trendy! If all goes well, I will be doing a giveaway shortly. Now, I’m off to go to Disneyland’s 24 hour event! Talk to you soon!   Kryzuy looks so cute in these round sunnies!