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Mon Hue Restaurant , Saigon, Vietnam

Mon Hue Restaurant – Saigon, Vietnam After we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels, we tiredly drove back to Saigon where we were met with massive traffic. Brandon whipped out his phone to record some videos of the crazy traffic, which I’ll have for you guys soon I swear! Everyone asked us where we wanted to eat, and so we said Bun Bo Hue. Bun Bo Hue, is def. my favorite – I prefer it over Pho and Brandon loves it, so we were both excited to taste authentic Bun Bo Hue, in saigon nonetheless! They decided that we all deserved AC and a nice environment, so they took us to Mon Hue. Surprisingly, I remembered this place from 4 years ago when my aunt hosted her birthday party here. The decor was very modern, and it was amazingly cold outside. may not seem like a big deal to you… but trust me, we have been standing / walking outside in the heat all day! Our huge party of 13 sat down. Sadly, my uncle couldn’t eat with us, there wasn’t any parking …

Coconut Bay – Delicious!

18922 Gale Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 After a weekend of Formals, going up to visit the boyfriend’s family, and swimming – I ended the weekend at Coconut Bay. Also, I made an Instagram account: Dianasadventuress ; follow me on there so I won’t spam you guys with my food pictures! Lol !  Many of my friends go to Coconut Bay, but I hardly go because it is too far and I didn’t think the food would be good… but, today was my second time going (the first time wasn’t that great). Now, I know what I’m going to get everytime I’m there.