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Drinking at the highest bar in the world

Ozone – Ritz Carlton 118/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong | 1 Austin Road West, Hong Kong, China (West Kowloon) One of the items on Janes bucket list was to go to the highest bar in the world, so having only three weeks left… we decided to go on Wednesday. The Ritz Carlton’s Ozone bar is the highest bar in the world and is located on the 118th floor. The funny thing is, Jane and I didn’t know how to get to the Ritz Carlton so we took the AUSTIN MTR exit instead of the KOWLOON exit – by taking the Austin exit we had to walk about 20 minutes in heels…. so please, take the Kowloon exit.  When we got to the Ritz Carlton, it was so stunning – we all kept exclaiming how nice and fancy it was. We followed a group of people who were looking for the bar and had to switch elevators twice before arriving at our destination. Outside seating was plentiful, but it was sprinkling so we decided to sit inside (missing …

Coconut Bay – Delicious!

18922 Gale Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 After a weekend of Formals, going up to visit the boyfriend’s family, and swimming – I ended the weekend at Coconut Bay. Also, I made an Instagram account: Dianasadventuress ; follow me on there so I won’t spam you guys with my food pictures! Lol !  Many of my friends go to Coconut Bay, but I hardly go because it is too far and I didn’t think the food would be good… but, today was my second time going (the first time wasn’t that great). Now, I know what I’m going to get everytime I’m there.