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Turning 23 + What I’ve Done + My plans

I’m finally 23 !  Is it just me , or does it seem that every year when we get older we get less and less presents + our birthdays don’t seem as big of a deal as it did in the past? Last year, I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant and my  22nd birthday was filled with presents, great food, and great company. This year, I had 20 of my closest friends huddled around my dining room table, wolfing down hotdogs, nachos, and drinks. I also ended up taking shots with everyone in the room! and of course, that didn’t end well. Anyway, I digress – I’ve changed so much within the past year and I’m so grateful for all of my experiences. For my birthday, I received a blogging mug from Brandon (with my logo on it! awesome), a background for my photos (that Brandon made it all by himself haha), and of course skincare products! I received small gifts here and there from friends, but honestly – I was so happy that everyone was able to …


Spoiled for my 22nd birthday!

I’m finally 22!!! It was super fun and I was surprised by how many people showed up, I’m feeling very loved and blessed! We decided to host it at Lazy Dog since they have the best happy hour hehe, and 20 of my close friends showed up :). I got spoiled by all of my friends hehe, click read more for all the birthday gifts! For pictures of my actual birthday, I’m waiting on a photographer friend 🙂

Happy birthday Dat!

It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and he turned the big 21! Since he and my other friend were coming from Universal, they were really hungry. The place we decided to eat and roam around was downtown Disney! I recommended the Jazz Kitchen, but the wait was an hour and a half; so we ended up going to Rainforest Cafe. The wait was only 40 minutes so they chose it. I heard that it was always pricey, but since I never ate there before I really didn’t know how much. Also, everyone told me the food was good… so I had pretty high hopes for this place.  Luckily, there was a live band playing there. My first glimpse at the Rain forest cafe; which is really nice and pretty on the outside but sorry… no pics! If you’re too lazy to read or look through the pictures…  Honestly, I didn’t like Rain Forest Cafe at all… although the meal Brandon & I got was a pretty OK deal (compared to the rest); our bill for basically five people …