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Sciascia Caffe 1919

Sciascia Caffe 1919 Via Fabio Massimo 80/A, 00192 Rome, Italy What a lovely little coffee shop! This place was a mere 5 minutes away from our hotel (walking distance) and was pretty easy to find. We liked it so much we came here two days in a row. They also have fresh coffee beans for sale, but sadly – we didn’t buy any. When you first enter, you are faced with a little “waiting/lobby area”. You can sip your coffee there while looking at the coffee beans (and people watch) or go inside the other room where you can order and sit down.  Looks delicious right? Well. It was amazingly good! Better than the other places we visited. The place itself is pretty nice, and the staff are all so friendly! Don’t be fooled, the coffee bar area was pretty crowded! Famous actors I don’t know… though the guy in the bottom Right looks familiar.

Settembrini Cafe, Rome.

  Settembrini Cafe Via Luigi Settembrini 25 00195 Rome Italy YELP   Ahhh Italy, known for its pizza, coffee, pasta and gelato! My sister promised me that we would “eat gelato three times a day, and drink coffee twice a day.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case. We only had gelato once a day and coffee twice a day, but I’m not complaining.  We arrived at our hotel at 8 am, check in was at 2 PM so we had 6 hours to kill. After we dropped off our suitcases, we decided to make a coffee run and explore the neighborhood. My sister had tediously planned our trip using so we were prepared with a list of coffee places to try. Settembrini was only a few minutes away so after a little trip to a small swap meet (farmers market?) we stopped in for a cup of coffee.

LA EATS { Caffe Bene}

Caffe Bene 3287 Wilshire Blvd, Ste B Los Angeles, CA Another LA adventure! We went yesterday after eating lunch at seongbukdong (which will be up tomorrow)… as always, I do dessert first! We actually got to LA by Metro since we didn’t want to deal with traffic and it only cost us 5 dollars for a whole day pass! We got to save money on parking, gas, and didn’t have to hit traffic  – also the metro was surprisingly very clean and had AC running the whole time!    Review   We got the Chocolate Souffle. The other item, I can’t find it on the menu but it’s sorta like Shaved iced with Cookies n Cream ice cream on top & Red Bean in the middle. I highly recommend both, but be warned – the prices are $$. The Chocolate Souffle was rich & melt in your mouth delicious but it was about 9 dollars, while the shaved ice was 11 dollars. Honestly, the souffle was a lot better than other places where I’ve had it at (although …