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Turning 23 + What I’ve Done + My plans

I’m finally 23 !  Is it just me , or does it seem that every year when we get older we get less and less presents + our birthdays don’t seem as big of a deal as it did in the past? Last year, I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant and my  22nd birthday was filled with presents, great food, and great company. This year, I had 20 of my closest friends huddled around my dining room table, wolfing down hotdogs, nachos, and drinks. I also ended up taking shots with everyone in the room! and of course, that didn’t end well. Anyway, I digress – I’ve changed so much within the past year and I’m so grateful for all of my experiences. For my birthday, I received a blogging mug from Brandon (with my logo on it! awesome), a background for my photos (that Brandon made it all by himself haha), and of course skincare products! I received small gifts here and there from friends, but honestly – I was so happy that everyone was able to …

samsung nx3000

Introducing my camera : Samsung NX3000

My Samsung NX3000  Scroll to the bottom of this post to view some test shots with it!  On Saturday, I had my graduation party where I was surrounded by all my wonderful friends and the boyfriend. At the end of the party, my boyfriend and best friend asked everyone to take a group photo so as he was taking the photo, my best friend told him to grab her phone so he could take the photo. He went inside my room and suddenly came out with this beauty! I was so surprised because I was expecting my parents to get the camera for me after my graduation. Get a nice long look at this camera because hopefully you won’t see it too much (since I’ll be taking photos with it from now on!). This is my first non point and shoot camera and I couldn’t be happier! It is super light and compact – which makes it great for traveling, and for shooting vlogs!   Brandon was also sweet enough to charge it the day prior to my party, buy me …

Why Bridget Jones Diary is the story of my life

 Why have I waited until now to watch Bridget Jones Diary… I’ll never know. Maybe because it’s due to the fact that the movie came out in 2001, when I was just entering middle schooI. But, hell , as a 22 year old college student – this movie is freaking amazing. Well, at least to me.  Because that quote is true to everything that has ever happened to me, and that will ever happen to me. And probably for your life as well. 1.  Because there’s nothing better than rolling myself into a blanket burrito and eating icecream while binge watching Netflix.  Oh, and the hopeless moaning of despair as I think about all the stuff I have to do, like finals week. (I have a boyfriend, so this doesn’t apply to me) But maybe if I’m single at 30 then that will essentially be me. 2. Because my mom literally sewed all my clothes and made me wear them to school. Oh Bridget, you’ve had it easy. You haven’t seen all the horrible things I had to wear… *shudders*. It was …

Tips for students seeking internships

Are you looking for an internship? My friends have this nickname for me, The queen of internships. Now, i don’t know if that has a negative connotation (because of course I have too many internships and not enough jobs under my belt!) but I don’t care. If you’re looking to start an internship, here are some things that you need to consider.  1. Make sure it will benefit you. In the future, you may want to take an internship to improve your portfolio or put into effect the things you’ve learned – leave that until after  you finish an internship. Companies are always offering internships, why? Because it’s free labor, they won’t lose anything, and they can afford to be picky. But, don’t just accept the first internship you get. You don’t want to be pouring people coffee or basically spend your day right next to the copier or scanner, now do you? So, choose one that will really benefit you and further your career. Make sure they have time to teach you how to use new software, design, write, etc.  2. …

Welcome to my University

Welcome to City University ! One of the most amazing things about my school is that it is located in a mall. You heard me, INSIDE A SCHOOL. So, how does that work ? Well, when I heard others tell me that I didn’t really understand until I saw it myself. My school is located in a huge mall, and to get there I simply go up to the 4th floor and enter it. Imagine the army stores or “National University” that sort of thing.  I went to school to go to Orientation for international students. We were given lots of food and I got to meet plenty of students from all over the world. I do believe that I am the only one from America! Out of all the exchange students I met, most of them were from Germany or Denmark. You can see the other photos on my Instagram!

Internship Advice + My Views

If you’ve been looking around for an internship or you’re stuck in one then here is some advice. This is for people who don’t mind working for experience or those who are trying to make the transition (like me).  1. Do not underestimate yourself. I always underestimate myself, always. I refrain from applying to stores that attract a lot of customers, or boutiques that have really nice designs and expensive pricing because I feel that I will let them down. Just remember, YOU have something that PEOPLE are looking for; your skill, your knowledge, and your willingness to learn. If you’re going to work for free, then you might as well work for free in a high-end  boutique where you will learn plenty of things that you can put on your resume. Never be afraid of getting rejected, apply to as many places as you can. 2. Make sure you know what’s in it for you. I remember just searching around and applying to the first two boutiques I saw, thankfully I got accepted. In interviews, people always …

Class of 2014 & President Obama!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I was too busy celebrating my sisters graduation!  Anyway, UCI’s class of 2014 was able to have Obama at their graduation ceremony which was located in ANGEL STADIUM! Jealous? I know, I was so jealous also! Luckily, I was one of the 40,000 (?) people there to hear him speak! There were around 8000 graduating students also! Congrats C/O 2014! Let me start from the beginning… to see more pictures of our wonderful mr. president, my happy sister and yummy food from cheesecake factory then click below!

Things I wish I Knew before entering College

No idea where I got this pic from. I’m finished with my fourth year of college and still have a year or so to go. There are plenty of things I wished I learned before college; I also went around asking my friends what they wished they knew. Here is a list that will hopefully help incoming students, or those who have just transfered. The list isn’t in any order (sorry I’m horrible at deciding what is more important than another). 

It’s Finals Week

1. How I feel about my Microbiology Test. 2. How I react when I find out that others have been ace-ing all their finals. It’s hopeless for me… don’t let me drag you down.  3. How I would describe the zombies in the Library. I mean… if I actually did go to the Library.   4. While studying for my tests / While taking my tests.   5. How I’ll feel as soon as finals is over. Tired, dark eye circles, messed up skin… maybe even traumatized. 6. What I’ll do after finals is over. Or maybe just netflix… I wish I could have a takehome final… seriously. Anyway, off to “Study” guys! Or take a nap. 

Life Lessons I learned while being a server

Working in a restaurant is one of the most popular choices for a teenager, not only does it offer excellent hours (a regular shift is only 4-5 hours long) but it also offers great pay. I remember starting college and wishing I could become a server because I thought it was an easy and fun job, you got to hang out with friends and talk to customers. AND FREE FOOD !!! But, as I’m quitting my job (After two years at a small restaurant) I decided to write a small post for other future waitresses & waiters out there, and some lessons I learned while working.  I wish.