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Lemon Shakers

Lemon Shakers Like I said, we visited the Effiel Tower everyday! So on our last night there, we went to the Effiel Tower to try to get some polaroid photos of us in front of it. After the trek, we were so thirsty and saw a line outside of this booth so we decided to get some lemonade. I really wanted to get strawberry, but there weren’t anymore left. The guy working was very sweet and talkative. He knew so many languages and was Ukranian. I thought the process of making lemonade was super cool also, they used a machine to press down on the Lemons! He told us that everyone here was basically a tourist and that all the french people have gone on vacation during August since August is notorious for having so many tourists. The lemonade was sooo good that we drank all of it within 5 minutes of getting the drink. Nothing better than freshly made lemonade. We were also able to choose how much sugar we wanted in our lemonade, …

Princess Crepe, Paris, France

Princess Crepe Honestly, what would be the whole point of going to Paris if we didn’t have any crepes? We actually got to have crepes in amsterdam but those turned out horribly bad! I thought I had written a post on it… but guess I didn’t! Anyway, back to the marvelous crepe place in Paris…. We found this place on YELP , so were excited to try it and it was near the Van Gogh Museum so we didn’t have to walk too far out of the way. The outside didn’t really look like anything special, but compared to the shops in Paris it really stood out, so it didn’t take us too long to find it. I took a quick picture of these cute little crepes on display for those who were passing by. The workers were all so cute and I loved that they spoke Japanese with one another. When we went, there was only one couple inside the store that was patiently waiting for their crepe to finish – which was fine by us because we customized our …


SUSHI HOUSE GOYEMON Frias Shopping Center, 5255 S Decatur Blvd #118, Las Vegas, NV 89118 After we went shopping at the outlet (where Brandon bought a new shirt and I bought a cardi) we quickly sped to our favorite sushi restaurant. Although the place opened at 12 and we got there at 12:15, it was completely packed and the hostess told us it would be a one hour wait.  Now, why is this place so popular? For about 25 dollars, you can have AYCE SUSHI. I’ve been eating AYCE sushi for the longest but yet this place is just so amazing. Mostly because of their desserts. Plus, there’s over 1,000 reviews on YELP  and they have 4 stars. Finally, after the long wait we headed in. My cousin drinking their pineapple sake. It was really refreshing and delicious! I love eating raw fish, so I opted for Salmon Nigiri along with Yellow Tail. I think I ate about 30 pieces of Salmon. Another thing they had was Seared Salmon, it was delicious and not a lot of places offer that. Brandon is …

La Buca di Ripetta Review, Rome

via Ripetta 36, 00139 Rome, Italy After visiting the Borghese gallery, we decided to eat lunch since we woke up early that day to make our appointment. My sister told me she found an amazing restaurant and I still wanted to try a place that had great carbonara because all of the others were not doing it for me! So, once again I blindly listened to her just to be let down, yet again.  I think most restaurants in Rome are pretty hard to find, as there are so many turns and small alleyways. But we found this one without too much trouble. When we got there we were only the only people inside the restaurant! For some people, they would take this as a warning – for us, we didn’t. I mean, after all – it had amazing reviews on Tripadvisor! The place itself is beautiful. I loved the little blue scooter! I think out of all the places we went to, this was the prettiest one. Hey, decor matters okay! The atmosphere was great, …

Chocolate Dipped Gelato in Rome

  Gelateria Frigidarium Via del Governo Vecchio, 112, 00186 Roma, Italy After the borghese gallery, my sister told me that there was an amazing gelato place that she wanted to take me to. Of course, I was super excited but at the same time pretty iffy. We had already found our favorite gelato place! What could be better? But, trusting tripadvisor, we decided to stop by since it was close to our hotel and the center.    This gelato place had a lot of good things going for it. Not only was in a popular area and near plenty of shops, it was also attractive outside and we noticed quite a few people waiting outside also. There was a young guy working in the front and he was very friendly, even smiling when I went to take a photo of all the delicious flavors. Thanks for not judging me! Unlike the other place that we visited in the beginning, he didn’t seem angry or irritated when I asked for a free sample so that was a plus. It was …

Sciascia Caffe 1919

Sciascia Caffe 1919 Via Fabio Massimo 80/A, 00192 Rome, Italy What a lovely little coffee shop! This place was a mere 5 minutes away from our hotel (walking distance) and was pretty easy to find. We liked it so much we came here two days in a row. They also have fresh coffee beans for sale, but sadly – we didn’t buy any. When you first enter, you are faced with a little “waiting/lobby area”. You can sip your coffee there while looking at the coffee beans (and people watch) or go inside the other room where you can order and sit down.  Looks delicious right? Well. It was amazingly good! Better than the other places we visited. The place itself is pretty nice, and the staff are all so friendly! Don’t be fooled, the coffee bar area was pretty crowded! Famous actors I don’t know… though the guy in the bottom Right looks familiar.

Amaroni’s Little Italy, Festival Walk

I decided to take a quick break from blogging about Rome to continue my food adventures in Hong Kong! Here is by far my favorite place to eat.  Yes, this place is romantic and I would take Brandon here as soon as he comes to Hong Kong. & Yes, the cabornora here is amazing and is even better than all the carbonara I’ve ever had in my entire life + that includes Rome.  I mentioned before that when Jane began to travel all over Asia (I was very jealous), it rekindled my friendship with Sham. So , while I missed Jane greatly – I had Sham and a new awesome friend , Nancy. Whereas Jane and I stuck to mostly asian food, Sham introduced me to more western food and thankfully… this place. I’ve never been a big fan of pasta, but I am still dreaming about the delicious spaghetti Carbonara.  We got to eat here twice I think, maybe three times at most and each time was better than the first. First of all, the environment is …

Gelateria dei Gracchi , Rome

  Gelateria dei Gracchi Via dei Gracchi 272 00192 Rome Italy Prati In Rome, we were only able to eat at three gelato places. Why? Because we found Gelateria dei gracchi! After having it, we were unable to go anywhere else! The prices were pretty much on par with other places and it was about 2.50 Euros for a small. We went here everyday, and due to our horrible sleep schedule we would wake up at 11:30 PM and rush downstairs to grab a cone before they closed. 

Da Francesco Review

Da Francesco Review Piazza del Fico 29 00186 Rome Italy This restaurant was the highlight of my eating adventures in Rome. For once, Trip Advisor proved worthy when it recommended this place. My sister and I actually woke up at 10 PM and rushed to Da Francesco to try their truffle pizza. They are also known for their tiramisu so we got that as well. Of course, I wanted to try their carbonara but my sister wasn’t taking anymore chances (I got it at several other places and it sucked). She went instead with the lasagna.  The truffle pizza was delicious! So, if you ever happen to come here… you know what to order. My sister ordered this but said it was too “cheesy” and she got sick of it after a while. I liked it but it felt really heavy. Should have gotten the carbonara! 

Il Brillo Parlante, Rome {Review}

Il Brillo Parlante   Via Della Fontanella 12, 00187 Rome, Italy (Campo Marzio) Trip advisor – Il Brillo Parlante After walking around the piazza del popolo, we decided to stop by here for a bite. On Tripadvisor, this place has 4 stars and 854 reviews so we thought it would be amazing. It was quite easy to find and overall, a very lovely restaurant.    We ended up ordering the Carbonara and my sister got a pizza (sorry, forgot the name of it). While my cabonara was decent – you’ll find that I didn’t really like any of the food in Italy – my sister said that her pizza was pretty bland. Out of my whole trip, this was the best cabonara I had and honestly… that’s not really saying much. Most of the cabonara I had were extremely salty.