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3 Hong Kong Foodies you need to follow!

Follow these Hong Kong Foodies ! I’m gearing up for my upcoming trip to Asia, visiting Hong Kong + Vietnam with Brandon. I am so excited, especially since I hope to go with a new camera in hand, and send back lots and lots of photos and restaurants to blog about. To get ready for all the yummy places that I want to visit, I did some research and followed Hong Kong Foodie Instagram accounts! This is great because you could spend all your time reading blogs and looking at photos But let’s be honest, that takes up too much time! So, just simply looking at someone’s Instagram account and clicking on the photo you like is so much easier. Now, if they check in then you can see where it’s located, etc so that makes things faster! No more having to do research to see where the best places are.  *All photos are clickable, just click for their link!  1) Food Craver Doesn’t that look like so much good food? My favorite, however, would have to be the dessert on …