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Da Francesco Review

Da Francesco Review Piazza del Fico 29 00186 Rome Italy This restaurant was the highlight of my eating adventures in Rome. For once, Trip Advisor proved worthy when it recommended this place. My sister and I actually woke up at 10 PM and rushed to Da Francesco to try their truffle pizza. They are also known for their tiramisu so we got that as well. Of course, I wanted to try their carbonara but my sister wasn’t taking anymore chances (I got it at several other places and it sucked). She went instead with the lasagna.  The truffle pizza was delicious! So, if you ever happen to come here… you know what to order. My sister ordered this but said it was too “cheesy” and she got sick of it after a while. I liked it but it felt really heavy. Should have gotten the carbonara! 

LA EATS { Caffe Bene}

Caffe Bene 3287 Wilshire Blvd, Ste B Los Angeles, CA Another LA adventure! We went yesterday after eating lunch at seongbukdong (which will be up tomorrow)… as always, I do dessert first! We actually got to LA by Metro since we didn’t want to deal with traffic and it only cost us 5 dollars for a whole day pass! We got to save money on parking, gas, and didn’t have to hit traffic  – also the metro was surprisingly very clean and had AC running the whole time!    Review   We got the Chocolate Souffle. The other item, I can’t find it on the menu but it’s sorta like Shaved iced with Cookies n Cream ice cream on top & Red Bean in the middle. I highly recommend both, but be warned – the prices are $$. The Chocolate Souffle was rich & melt in your mouth delicious but it was about 9 dollars, while the shaved ice was 11 dollars. Honestly, the souffle was a lot better than other places where I’ve had it at (although …

My Favorites {OC FOOD PLACES}

    Another post that I made for Serene Sky – don’t forget to check out the blog! As someone who is lucky to live near the center of all things food, I decided to make a food post for you guys! Hopefully you guys will drool over the food like I did! If you are looking forward to visiting SOCAL, then make sure you drop by these gems! You won’t regret it. 1) Coffee Code {7855 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620} Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee and waffles, but you’ve never seen anything this yummy or delicious! Coffee Code is known for their desserts: Coffee & Waffles. They have plenty of different waffles such as: chocolate chip waffle, fruit waffle, mochi waffle, and different flavored brick toasts. I would recommend the chocolate chip waffle. Sake 2 Me {13951 Carroll Way,Tustin, CA 9278} My favorite place to get sushi! I prefer it over Asahi also (Sorry Riversiders).Lunch prices are: $20 and $24 for dinner. You can order anything …

Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Looking for an easy dinner to make? This recipe is super easy and takes about 30 minutes to prepare! The reason I say about is that I guesstimated everything, but don’t worry… it’s not hard at all and most of the ingredients are pretty much done before they’re popped in the oven! This was the dinner Brandon, my friends & I got to eat last night… yum yum. Look yummy right? Well, don’t worry – they all tasted fabulous! The recipe for the sliders will be up on another post (most likely tomorrow, so stay tuned for that). I would like to mention that you can put ANYTHING you want into these, use your imagination 😛 1. Peppers (The bigger the better) 2. Any type of meat. You can also sub the meat for brown rice. 3. Cheese 4. Onions, mushrooms, green onion. (Or, you can use any type of fillers you want.) 5. Some spices: I used salt, Paprika, and Pepper.    1) Start by cutting all the onions, mushrooms, and Peppers. For the peppers, cut them in the …

Eureka! Burger

580 W 1st St, Claremont, CA 91711 Boyfriend took me and his brother here on Friday night. He always drank here but he never had their food before plus, he loved the enviroment so he was quite excited to take me here. I’ve also never been to downtown Claremont before so I was excited to see how different it is from Long Beach. I also got to try my fish eye program on my camera! Long story short… the food was pretty good but I prefer the Counter in Santa Monica & Slaters. I have to admit though, the enviroment was very welcoming. Also, the waitress spilled water on Brandon’s brother….  Read below for more pictures and an indepth review.