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Win a custom Illustration !

{ The Contest has ended, thanks to everyone for entering! I have already contacted the winners and will be contacting the designer } As you guys can tell, my blog got a major makeover! I reached my goal of 500+ followers three weeks early and wanted to give a huge thankyou to my new followers + my followers who have been there for me since day 1! What better way to thank you than to give you something that you can put on your blog?  There will be 2 Winners!  What You Get 1. A CUSTOM illustration of anything you want (In Black & White) You can use this custom illustration to make a blog header (like I did), or to print out and keep up on your wall. It’s entirely up to you. You may not, however, use this to sell or as a commericial product.  How to Enter (MANDATORY) 1. Follow My Blog If you haven’t already. Don’t have wordpress? Don’t worry! Follow me either through e-mail or through BLOGLOVIN’. Bloglovin’ link here!  2. Follow me on …

GIVEAWAY! 5 Prints from Dreambigprintables!

I am so excited to bring you guys this amazing opportunity, thanks to Kenny from Dream Big Printables! Printables are a great way to spruce up your work station, your desk, and even your wall! Now, I’ve never actually had a printable before, and never even thought about buying one. But printables are a great way to decorate, because you can choose your own frame and simply pick the one you want – instead of shopping at retailers and hoping to run into one that you might like (for way more $$$$).  So, if you’re still looking to decorate that perfect home office / your dream office then look no further! Enter into this giveaway, and you’ll have a head start! Also, did I mention that these prints are high quality and just completely gorgeous? Dreambigprintables have 3,419 sales and all their reviews are 5 stars. I’m not talking about 5 or 10 reviews, they actually have 415 reviews.. and they are all 5 stars.  You’ll get to win…  Not one, but FIVE PRINTS from Dreambigprintables! So, take your pick – they’re all beautiful and all so well made. …


Thank you to everyone who entered! Hosting a giveaway can be a stressful time, but I’m so happy to say that things went by more smoothly this time. Thank you to everyone who entered, and don’t worry if you didn’t win anything! I have another giveaway scheduled that is coming up sooner than you think! Details soon.  And a huge congrats to the winner, thank you for getting back to me so quickly !


Enter for a chance to win 2 LUSH Bathbombs! I just wanted to thank all of my wonderful followers! You guys are awesome and so, I wanted to run a little contest to show my appreciation. Entering is super easy, so I hope you guys enter. This contest will be hosted on rafflecopter , so choosing the winner will be simple & completely random. Also, I am so glad that this giveaway is perfect for all my followers! I know some giveaway are only for cosmetics, etc but if you’re a husband – I’m sure you and your wife will benefit from these bathbombs. They’ll leave your skin feeling soft, and moisturized! Also, you’ll smell great. If you haven’t tried bathbombs before… then these are the best – though quite pricey. BUT, here’s your chance to win these highly popular bathbombs!  HOW TO ENTER (3 options) I would like to mention that you have to enter using raffle copter!!! The link is at the bottom !!  Do one to enter, do all to get extra entries!! 1. Follow my Blog See how easy …

Customized Blog Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway It’s almost my birthday, so I wanted to celebrate my birthday & by finally reaching 200 subbies with having a giveaway! I am also celebrating my grand opening of my custom blog shop! Stay tuned for specials.I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my blog header along with my sidebar so I wanted to spread the love! I know how expensive custom designs can be (about 80 dollars) because I’ve looked. Although, I have just a basic knowledge of designing using Java and CSS+ I made my blog using mostly graphics.   Click the picture to see my Prices & Shop 🙂 Also, click the photo to check at what else you will be getting with this giveaway! I promise to deliver the same things listed under “What you get with each purchase.” !!!!  This is a very BASIC customization. You will need a theme that allows you to have sidebar, or header images (some of them do not) | A theme like Adele (What I have) would work best for me. Feel free …

Lapis lazuli Leather Wrap Bracelet Giveaway!

 I partnered up with Tanya, from  Accessodium to give away this wonderful handmade Leather Wrap Bracelet!   Tanya is a part time Yoga Instructor who loves to create. “I love beautiful accessories, knit and crochet clothing and I love to create all those beautiful things! I have learned that we are all different and I would like to make my shop a reflection of this diversity. I hope you will find something you will love!” I love Accessodium because all the items are just so unique and handmade – perfect for someone who wants to stand out and someone who adores handmade items. The bracelet, itself, is so carefully handcrafted and made with love. My favorite part? The beads! The color looks so vibrant and stunning. Unisex Lapis lazuli Leather Wrap Bracelet / Gorgeous Dark Blue Gemstones bracelet  (Valued at $30) Bracelet made of lapis lazuli round disc beads on a brown leather cord. Lapis lazuli is a beautiful cobalt blue stone regarded as the stone of friendship and truth. The blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and help its …

OOTD & some new clothing for the store!

      I cheered up this Black lace romper with a colorful kimono. I spent the morning with Bella shopping around for clothing we could add to our store and after a small setback… we were able to buy some cute items for our soft opening! Also, I was able to look around for some giveaway goodies!  Love my Versace sunnies. They really help save my eyes from the harsh glare of the sun! Fresh picks for the store!  Browse around… hopefully you’ll see something you like!

Fresh Picks ; Sunglasses

Perfect Sunglasses for the Summer. Are you guys liking these sunglasses as much as I am? My dream is to open up a clothing store one day, and I decided to start small. Hopefully these sunglasses are something that everyone can enjoy. I love the colors! Different shapes and sizes also.  My favorite is purple haze. So cute & Trendy! If all goes well, I will be doing a giveaway shortly. Now, I’m off to go to Disneyland’s 24 hour event! Talk to you soon!   Kryzuy looks so cute in these round sunnies!

Mini Giveaway for my followers!

I wanted to thank all my readers and followers for supporting me! You guys motivate me to keep blogging. Thanks so much! I know it’s not much and I know that not all of my followers have wordpress accounts so you will not need to reblog this. Winner will be chosen at random ( !  Contest will be ending March 26th (Wed). Good luck!  How to Enter: 1. Comment below with your favorite color. 2. You Have To Be FOLLOWING ME. Either through email, or wordpress. Other Details 1. Only valid in US 2. If you are planning to give this as a gift, please let me know ! (For a gf, etc) 3. I will be throwing in other secret goodies as well, along with a handmade card.