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Burgeroom – Causeway Bay

Burgeroom 7 Caroline Hill Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong+852 2890 9130 It was Jim’s birthday, so when presented with two destinations: Sheung Wan or Causeway Bay. Since Causeway Bay is closer to Chai Wan, I chose it… also having the F21 to spend time in while waiting for them to arrive was great also. The original plan was just to walk around and see what kind of food there was, but after a while of walking around we decided to just openrice something western. We decided on grabbing Burgeroom after seeing it be one of the only options on the menu. The menu was pretty huge, and they had a wide variety of burgers: Jim got the “Pineapple Cheeseburger” while I got the “Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger”. My burger was 80 HKD, while his was 84 HKD. The fries we got were just regular thick cut fries for 20 HKD (a bit pricey IMO but oh well) and the drinks were about 17 HKD (also pricey). I would like to mention that there is a 7-11 …

Gifts from Hong Kong

  Of course, you can’t come home not bearing gifts! I actually bought these very last minute because of the protests in Hong Kong. Mong Kok was deemed dangerous (by my friends) and I was advised to stay away… but I made a last minute trip to Mong Kok and was able to purchase these goodies. Not pictured: I bought 3 selfie sticks + 3 mini purses, along with 1 universal lens for my phone.  The clutches were so cheap, 100 HKD for 6! That translates to around 13 USD. These were bought at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok.  The selfie sticks are sold at Ladies Market also… but do not buy them there! They were about 80 HKD at ladies market, but I bought them for 55 HKD = 7 USD at Sinwo (a huge plaza nearby).    The amazing Selfie Stick! I should have bought this earlier. Everyone in Hong Kong has a selfie stick and I was late to the party. I love the long reach, how easy it is to use, and …

Perfect Tourist Spot : Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the middle of the Seattle Airport. You guessed right! I made a quick 4 day trip to California!!! 🙂 I’ll be sure to take pictures and show you guys what I plan to do on this wonderful “mini vacation.”  How to get to Victoria Peak Go to Central then exit J2, and turn RIGHT. You can follow all the signs to get there… but it will be a bit of a walk. The website says a pleasent walk, not. You are walking uphill most of the time! But, on the positive side… the view is quite nice. Cost / Wait I would recommend that you go on a weekday, because I went on Sunday and we waited about 45 minutes in line (to buy a ticket, and also to board the train).  We bought the Peak Tram Sky Pass (The Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428) for 80 HKD, but you can just buy the PEAK TRAM PASS for 40 HKD. What is the difference? Well, the …

Nan Lian Garden – Diamond Hill

Welcome to the Nan Lian Garden… Getting here was easier than I thought it would be. Just exit Diamond HIll MTR , follow the signs and you’re there! I’m not one for beautiful scenery (I know… weird.) but I would love to take Brandon here. It was very worth it… and the garden was huge!! I’m happy to say its near my school and I’ll be back soon!    

Dimsum & Dessert

This is a part two of Tomai’s First Day in Hong Kong! We were lucky enough to have my friend take us out to eat Dim sum. I was so happy to finally have someone order for me in Cantonese 🙂 The place was very fancy but was quite affordable! It’s located in Mong Kok, which was perfect.  Our bill for four people came out to : $220 HKD.  Dessert at XTC Gelato After Dinner, we went to Jane’s house and hung out with her for a bit before heading to TST to catch the Star Ferry. We stopped by to grab some dessert (yet again) and I ended up buying Green Tea gelato ^_^.

Tomai’s first day in Hong Kong {Causeway Bay}

So, Tomai came all the way from Taiwan to visit me in Hong Kong! She arrived yesterday (Friday) and is staying here until Monday morning. Of course, I’ll return the love by visiting her in Taiwan on the 10th of October… so be sure to check back for more pictures! I decided to take her to Causeway bay in the morning to go shopping….  Here she is, taking photos from the rooftop “Sky Track.” Causeway Bay – Jardine’s Crescent (Street Market) If you go to Causeway bay and exit F, then you can visit tons of shops. I love the Forever 21 there because it has big sizes (Sorry, I’m not an XS). Tomai wanted to go shopping and since she can fit into the sizes here, I took her to the street market – although it’s not as large as the Ladies Market she was able to buy a shirt. To get there, just walk Right when you see Forever 21 and go to the left hand side and you should see the Market. Smile Yogurt & Dessert …

Ying’s Blossom Dessert Review

Ying’s Blossom Dessert  G/F, 21 Woosung Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon I was really lucky to find this place; especially since I’ve been craving sweets but haven’t had a chance to really go to a dessert place. After wandering around YMT with my friend, we stumbled upon this gem and flipped through the menu. Surprisingly, it was very inexpensive so we decided to eat here. Of course, I’m a huge fan of Chocolate Lava cake so I got that, while my friend got shaved snow. Our bill altogether was about 70 HKD so we were both very happy. There are other choices such as some jelly desserts that were under 30 HKD. Service was also very fast and very friendly; the place was also pretty crowded. I really can’t wait to go back! (Looks bigger in real life… Both of us couldn’t finish it)

Taco Chaca Review

{ Taco Chaca } SAI YING PUN, G/F, 1 Second Street It was my second week in Hong Kong, and I was tired of eating at the mall. Jim mentioned that there was this Mexican restaurant near his house, so we ended up exploring Sheung Wan for a bit and walked here. The second time I went, we took a taxi because it was raining, but if the weather is nice – walk there instead! The place was pretty small, but had about four tables and some stools. I do admit that the food can be a bit pricey, but it tastes wonderful! The price range is from $51-$100 HKD (so $6.50- $13USD).  I got the pollo quesadilla and it filled me up and obviously I loved it as I went a week later and got the same thing. The second time I went, It cost almost 200 HKD (almost $26 USD) for a beer, a burrito, pollo quesadilla, and chips + salsa. Picture of Jane + Jim waiting patiently for their food!

Star Ferry

Star Ferry If you guys have been following along, I live on Hong Kong Island. Star Ferry takes me from TST to Central but there are other routes also. It also only costs 2.50 HKD and the trip lasts about 10 minutes. You can either pay with your ocotupus card or buy a token from a machine.

Spending the day in MACAU

Why I had to go to Macau Many exchange students and people who have not gotten their visa’s validated are required to leave the country (Hong Kong) and come back in through immigration to get it stamped. I was recommended to go to Macau by my school; I was really nervous because I thought I would have to make the trip alone but while waiting in line, I made a new friend : Jane. Me & Jane decided that we were going to Macau together after one day of meeting each other and it was the best decision ever! We have now become best friends 🙂 How to get to Macau from Hong Kong Getting to Macau was very easy and hassle free. We had to board the turbo jet, there are two locations : Sheung Wan or TST. My friend and I opted to take the TST way. The trip will cost roughly about 50 USD dollars and it will take one hour to get to Macau. The boat was a bit more fancy …