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Winter Scrubs

In case you guys haven’t noticed… I’m back in Cali and am missing Hong Kong terribly. There’s one thing I don’t miss though – the crazy weather. Since coming back home, I’ve been undoing all the damage that has befallen it last month… thanks to the crazy stress of having finals a month early and the unpredictable weather… it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking like a train wreck all of November and most of December.  Read below for a mini review !

Olivia Care Hand Cream

Olivia Care Hand Cream My cousin gave this to me the other day and although I rarely use hand cream (I have sweaty palms), I tried it and it smelled great! Not too strong and not too light. I tried to find a picture of where it came from, but I skimmed Olivia Care and didn’t see a picture of it. I have never heard of this brand before but the website looks very nice and isn’t too flashy – maybe in the future, I’ll buy one of their soaps here.  Love the packaging, it’s so simple yet so nice!