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Settembrini Cafe, Rome.

  Settembrini Cafe Via Luigi Settembrini 25 00195 Rome Italy YELP   Ahhh Italy, known for its pizza, coffee, pasta and gelato! My sister promised me that we would “eat gelato three times a day, and drink coffee twice a day.” Sadly, that wasn’t the case. We only had gelato once a day and coffee twice a day, but I’m not complaining.  We arrived at our hotel at 8 am, check in was at 2 PM so we had 6 hours to kill. After we dropped off our suitcases, we decided to make a coffee run and explore the neighborhood. My sister had tediously planned our trip using so we were prepared with a list of coffee places to try. Settembrini was only a few minutes away so after a little trip to a small swap meet (farmers market?) we stopped in for a cup of coffee.

Winter Scrubs

In case you guys haven’t noticed… I’m back in Cali and am missing Hong Kong terribly. There’s one thing I don’t miss though – the crazy weather. Since coming back home, I’ve been undoing all the damage that has befallen it last month… thanks to the crazy stress of having finals a month early and the unpredictable weather… it’s safe to say that I’ve been looking like a train wreck all of November and most of December.  Read below for a mini review !

Dermal Mask Review – Pearl Collagen Essence Mask

Time to relax, put on a mask and watch Netflix. My summers usually consist of me working, but as I don’t have a job this summer (first time), I spend my time blogging, designing for Serene Sky and doing chores. Life is actually pretty boring for me, I don’t go out and my skin is pale from spending hours indoors. Anyway, I finally decided to treat myself to a little mask that my cousin brought home from Vietnam. It’s called Dermal Collagen Masks; and she bought home a bundle of 4 types: Red Ginseng, White, Pearl and Aloe.  The lone SKINFOOD Masks, they were samples. There’s a store in Cerritos mall, so I’m hoping to try these soon. I was debating whether or not to try the White Mask or the Pearl one, I ended up trying the Pearl one. Directions/ Features Overall I like the mask, it doesn’t have a horrible smell and doesn’t sting upon application. Also, the mask itself is very large and I have a big face,I also like that they have parts to …