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Heritage Park Photoshoot

#Behindthescenes Heritage Park Photoshoot! 18600 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703 I am super excited to write this post… so excited that I quickly hurried home, pestered my photographer friend (Patrick) and edited all my photos (that I took myself). This was taken with my little point & Shoot (the same one I gave Brandon for xmas). Just because you have a inexpensive camera doesn’t mean you can’t take nice pictures!!!  Here’s a little recap of what happened.. It was actually a horrible horrible horrible day. I was already running late for my 4pm appointment with my models (just two of my best friends) & my photographer. I got there early, so that’s how I was able to grab all of these wonderful shots. If you’ve never been to Heritage Park before, then please take your children or even your spouse here! It’s wonderful.    Heritage has so many buildings inside it’s “Little Island”. There’s even a castle (sorry no pictures because I was too lazy to walk around). Yay! Each “house” has slides, stairs, little ramps. Brandon & …

Working hard or Hardly working?

Yesterday was actually the first day I got to work in “office”. I got to take all these wonderful pictures and just finished editing them. Here’s a sneak peek at what I did so far. Also – these should be up on the website soon ; so don’t forget to stop by Serene Sky to view them!  Taking photos do bring me joy, so I was ecstatic when Donna asked me to take photos! The lighting was pretty nice, and my model/coworker: Marion was oh so pretty! I’d say I took pictures of about 10 or so necklaces; although I wish I could just show you guys all of it… I need to wait!  Also, I’d like to update you guys! I’m going to host my first giveaway! Be warned, I will bother you guys by asking you guys to participate!