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D.I.Y Aloe Vera Mask

I like Aloe Vera; unsurprisingly I use it more during the summer than any other season. Why? Because I am prone to sunburns! If you’ve been forgetting your sunscreen and need something to help soothe those red rashes or burns, then Aloe Vera is perfect for you. It’s no wonder many companies sell Aloe Vera “Aftersun” Gel. So, how is Aloe Vera great for your skin? Aloe vera has plenty of vitamins, etc but for the purpose of this post I will focus only on its skin benefits. It’s great for healing burns or scars; relieves itching and soothes skin (which is why it’s used to treat sunburns), and it’s also 99% water so that means its very moisturizing for your skin! It also reduces inflammation.  I was tired of all the other Aloe Vera gels that I was buying, it had too many chemicals in it and didn’t work as well – so luckily my parents began to plant Aloe Vera in our backyard!  I actually have some more in the front yard. Here is 3 next …

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion+ Review

  It was 106 degrees in Long Beach today! Summer is finally here! At a very young age, I learned to put on sunscreen; not only will it help lighten hyperpigmentation, it’ll also prevent dark spots from emerging. If I don’t apply sunscreen religiously, I try my best to wear a hat so that the sun’s rays don’t damage my skin. Did this picture frighten you as much as it scared me?   The New England Journal of Medicine article published last year showed a shocking photo of a 69-year-old man with a 28 year history of sun exposure on just half of his face. The patient was a truck driver, and the left side of his face was chronically exposed to the sun. Click below to read how to select the right sunscreen, my favorite sunscreen and other benefits about using sunscreen!

Things I need to start doing..

When I had a job… I would spend all my money on food. Why not clothes? Well, I was already gaining weight and nothing looked nice on me… so I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t spend money on clothes until I got skinnier. But I digress, the 20’s are a time where some forget to take care of their skin, such as putting on sunscreen everyday (especially on your neck), finding some classes that will help you (1/4 college women will be victims of attempted rape), and classes that will help you improve your posture, along with many others.