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My Acne Story

Aren’t you guys lucky? Not only do you guys get to see me pimply, but also my weight gain. Oh well, I don’t care. These pictures are all available on Facebook (the most horrible one is – thanks to my best friend). I never thought in a million years that I would make a post like this, because I never thought I would be comfortable in my own skin. It just didn’t seem possible to me. I made this post to show and tell others that it does get better.. over time.  I’ve struggled with acne around the end of highschool (a little in middle school, but honestly… kids made fun of anyone who had a pimple here and there). I remember looking up posts of Frmheadtotoea nd QiuQiu and marveling at how well their skin turned out. They all suffered from acne and cleared up their skin.I also remember waiting for my skin to get better and hoping that I would grow out of it. After a while, I gave up. I never thought my skin would be …

Mandelic Acid Serum 10% – MUAC

Back with my favorite line – makeup artists choice!!  I love love love their Mandelic Acid Line !!! You can read all other reviews at the bottom of this post * I’ve been using this for about for almost three months – usually I wait about a month or two to write a review but I just love it so much!!! Read below to hear me rave about this product and some of the Cons about it!