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Video of LA Adventures!

 and yes, I know the wording is BLURRY! I made the text too small. Also, the video isn’t that great because It was my first time using adobe to edit it instead of Imovie. Huge learning curve if you ask me! I’m going to France & Amsterdam in 2 days!  Sorry for being MIA for such a long time! I have been designing my new blog and guess what? I’ve chosen a new platform! Don’t worry though – I’ll be writing why I chose this platform (squarespace) instead of wordpress! Watch this video in the meantime, and I’ll be back at the end of the Month. I know I know, I’m so behind. end of the month… cause …..I’m going to France & Amsterdam in 2 days! 

England Vlog

Watch my England Vlog ! In January, I was able to go to England to visit my friend Tom for a week. It was really fun though I wouldn’t really want to go again. London was way too overpriced and I prefer Rome instead. If you want to catch up on my England travel posts then you can view them here 🙂 This was my first ever video that I made so I’m very proud of it, although you can obviously see how “new” I was at making videos! When I travel in the summer, then I’ll be sure to post up even more videos! My rome files were erased, so all the clips I took were lost 😦  1. On the way to England – See all the yummy food I got to eat on the plane! 2. Brighton Pier – Regency Restaurant – My first time having FISH AND CHIPS. Delicious! 3. Ultimate favorite – Bourough Market – A Marketplace for freshly made food, everything was so delicious – also featuring my HUGE burger. See the rest …