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Welcome to The Palazzo

 And we’re finally here at Sin City! So, after Sushi we finally headed over to the Palazzo. I’ve never stayed there before, and frankly I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, just the night before we stayed at Buffalo Bill’s which was considered a budget hotel but this hotel was 260+ . But split between 5 people, it wasn’t too bad. We also got a great deal on, so make sure you always check groupon before going to vegas!  We quickly parked and I jumped out of the car to go stand in line… which was a great idea because as you can tell … the line was long!   It all paid off though as we entered our “suite”. I was expecting just a simple room with two small beds (I mean, vegas is pricey and this is right on the strip though a bit far). But, I was really surprised and excited! Of course, everyone took out their phones and started snapping photos!    

Buffalo Bill Hotel Review

Vegas Weekend! Ahh Vegas, the place where most of people I know flock to at least once a month. Why? Well, it’s the one place where you can walk around with an open bottle in your hand, amazing buffets, gorgeous hotel rooms, and beautiful people. But, Vegas hasn’t been that great to me. I started clubbing right when I turned 18 and went clubbing at least every two weeks, sometimes three times a week. And, I always went clubbing sober (the legal drinking age is 21 here in cali). But, when I turned 21… I was all clubbed out – if that’s possible. Maybe because I had a boyfriend, or because I lost my favorite pair of heels and now I can only dance for a hour before heading back to the hotel – I don’t know. Anyway, I digress. After our flight to Hawaii did not work out, we decided to drive to Vegas at around 7 PM. The drive is only 4 – 5 hours and since we were trying to save money… we decided to stay at Buffalo Bills. Now, …