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Mon Hue Restaurant , Saigon, Vietnam

Mon Hue Restaurant – Saigon, Vietnam After we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels, we tiredly drove back to Saigon where we were met with massive traffic. Brandon whipped out his phone to record some videos of the crazy traffic, which I’ll have for you guys soon I swear! Everyone asked us where we wanted to eat, and so we said Bun Bo Hue. Bun Bo Hue, is def. my favorite – I prefer it over Pho and Brandon loves it, so we were both excited to taste authentic Bun Bo Hue, in saigon nonetheless! They decided that we all deserved AC and a nice environment, so they took us to Mon Hue. Surprisingly, I remembered this place from 4 years ago when my aunt hosted her birthday party here. The decor was very modern, and it was amazingly cold outside. may not seem like a big deal to you… but trust me, we have been standing / walking outside in the heat all day! Our huge party of 13 sat down. Sadly, my uncle couldn’t eat with us, there wasn’t any parking …


Welcome to the Cu Chi Tunnels!

Cu Chi Tunnels  One of the places that Brandon really wanted to visit were the Cu Chi Tunnels. My mother didn’t want us to visit the tunnels because she said it was too far, but it was one of the best days I had in Vietnam – we both learned so much! We started the day by renting a car (thankfully one of my uncles knows how to drive a car in VN – its all stick shift) and we started on the journey. We stopped by this little pho shop and Brandon had his first and only bowl of pho in Vietnam! It only cost 1 USD for this bowl of pho, and it tasted great! I didn’t have any because I was still full from having broken rice heh. Why did he have just one bowl of pho during his whole stay in VN? We actually spent most of our days eating bun bo hue (but that’s for another day)! After driving for an hour and a half, we finally got to our destination.. The great thing …

Vietnam First Day Recap & Photo Recap of the trip!

Hello lovely wordpress bloggers! As you guys know, I was able to go to Vietnam and Hong Kong for two weeks with Brandon. Brandon has never been out of country before, and he applied for his passport for this trip – we were both very excited! I hadn’t seen my family for 5 years and he has never ventured outside of california (except to texas, and to las vegas). We quickly packed our bags (I packed the day before) prayed to the airline gods that we would make our flight (going standby is stressful but amazing) and we were able to make all our flights!  Seattle Airport Our first layover was at Seattle, and the airport is gorgeous! Very spacious, with lots of great dining areas. We decided on eating some fish tacos & fish and chips. It was a great choice though a bit pricey, about 20+ bucks. Oh well, airport food… Finally we were able to board the airplane to head to Hong kong! Here he is looking very tired (sorry babe!) and excited! His …

My Favorites {OC FOOD PLACES}

    Another post that I made for Serene Sky – don’t forget to check out the blog! As someone who is lucky to live near the center of all things food, I decided to make a food post for you guys! Hopefully you guys will drool over the food like I did! If you are looking forward to visiting SOCAL, then make sure you drop by these gems! You won’t regret it. 1) Coffee Code {7855 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620} Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee and waffles, but you’ve never seen anything this yummy or delicious! Coffee Code is known for their desserts: Coffee & Waffles. They have plenty of different waffles such as: chocolate chip waffle, fruit waffle, mochi waffle, and different flavored brick toasts. I would recommend the chocolate chip waffle. Sake 2 Me {13951 Carroll Way,Tustin, CA 9278} My favorite place to get sushi! I prefer it over Asahi also (Sorry Riversiders).Lunch prices are: $20 and $24 for dinner. You can order anything …

Yummy Pennywort Juice!

Vietnamese Pennywort Juice! Credit: Ch3rri Blossoms   As you guys can tell, I always try to find ways to not study! Today was ridiculously hot – 103 degrees in Cali! I just spent the whole day in a daze… took my final, went home and felt so uncomfortable. I also haven’t worked out in a week so I felt very… icky about myself. I was so excited to find out that my mom was making pennywort juice! Have any of you guys tried it? Read below to learn about the health benefits of Nuoc Rau Ma (Penny Worth juice) and how to make it! It’s simple and so delicious!!!   Distracting myself from finals…blogging & drinking this cold, fresh Pennywort!!

Vietnamese Buffet – Around $10 dollars

My parents just came back from Vietnam yesterday and my dad loves taking pictures. I’ll be uploading some pictures for you guys to see throughout the week! I am planning to go back in June or July for a wedding. The buffet was filled with so much food, I def. can’t wait to try it when I go to vietnam!  The sign above is all the items they offered at the buffet. This wonderful buffet offered all sorts of sweets, clams, oysters, beef, peking duck, pancakes, spring rolls etc for only around 10 dollars! Click below to see some wonderful pictures.