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Visiting the Arc De Triomphe in Paris

And finally… we were in Paris!

How we got there: 

One of the things I love about Europe is that every country is so close together! I can’t even begin to imagine how different my life would be – if I were living in Europe and flying for free. I would probably have gone to 30 countries by now! But, instead I live in California and usually just make a couple of trips a year (if I’m lucky) to fly to Asia. It never interested me to go to Europe until this year, and I really regret that now.

To get to Amsterdam, we took the Megabus and that only cost us 12 EurosRidiculous or what?! If you’re going by megabus, make sure to buy tickets in advance (the day before might be fine). We didn’t know it would sell out (silly… don’t blame us! We were having too much fun!) and so, when we wanted to buy it day of… it sold out! Our original plan was to catch the bus leaving at midnight so we could get to Paris at 7 AM.. but we ended up catching the bus at 11:30 AM and getting to Paris at 6ish. 

So, we relaxed in our hotel and ate at Pizza Hut (within walking distance) but it was HORRIBLE.  Honestly, we were starving and the food didn’t taste great. We actually only bought a Medium pizza and there were still 5 pieces left that we threw away! 

Arc de Triomphe – €9.50

The next morning, we made sure to wake up early (around 9 am) and went to a small bakery to pick up some donuts – then headed to the city. First stop, Arc de Triomphe. We stood in a line (about 10 minutes) and paid €9.50 to get in. 

I have to warn you… be prepared for a workout. It was seriously horrible and just tiring. It was about 45 flights of stairs (I think, don’t quote me) and plenty of people stopped halfway and just let others past. Proudly, I didn’t stop but maybe it was because of the people behind me (I didn’t want to let them down lol!). But, after those flights of stairs, you enter another room where there are places to buy souvenirs and look around. 

After browsing the store a little, you continue walking up some stairs but don’t worry – this is way easier. It was a quick uphill battle (lol) and you finally reach the destination! That is when you’re welcomed with this amazing view of the city! There was even a platform that you could stand on to take a photo of the Effiel Tower behind you! But, in all honesty it was pretty crowded and small. 

this view

Gorgeous view though, am I right? 

So, would I recommend? For 9.50 Euros, it’s not too bad and you can brag to others that you went here… so I would recommend. But, it’s over pretty quickly, so go here if you have time. 


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