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Breakfast in Amsterdam

Broodje Bert

Singel 321, 1012 WK Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had forgotten how horrible food was in Europe (Rome, England), until this trip. Food was so horrible that we actually ate Indian food 3 times in Amsterdam, and even the burgers were bland and lacked flavor. Although Amsterdam is known for their “frites” we just didn’t like them! I much prefer Mcdonalds fries. I know, call me crazy.

 And, everything was served on top of a plate of fries!! Example: Lamb meat served on top fries and their idea of a salad is literally two slices of tomato and some sliced onion! 

Anyway, we were so glad we stumbled upon this gem even while it was raining. Since the place itself was tiny, we were forced to sit outside which on a normal sunny day would have been perfect for people-watching , but instead it was raining!

Vicky & I were seriously craving anything with eggs so we were seriously so excited that sitting in the rain didn’t bother us. We thought the waitress would bring out a menu but she told us that we would have to look at the menu in the restaurant. So, I ran inside the restaurant, fought the crowd of people who were all trying to get a good look at it and quickly ran back to my seat.

photo credit: Lauren F.

photo credit: Lauren F.

The food was quite affordable, I got the Chicken Fillet, while Vicky got an omelette that she custom made.  It was the best meal we had in Amsterdam. Possibly the best meal I’ve ever had in Europe! 

Anyway, if you ever go to Amsterdam – then be sure to stop by. The line got pretty crowded and if you see any open seats, quickly run towards it and sit down otherwise you’ll have to eat standing!


  1. A Backpack and A Boarding Pass says

    Thanks for the post! What was the name of the restaurant you loved there?

  2. Funny to read as an Amsterdammer 🙂 I definitely agree, good food in Ams is hard to find, the problem is that as a tourist you’ll end up at the horrible tourist traps. If you ever come over again, let me know, I can give you some tips that took lots of effort to find.

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