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Finally got the Step-up!



Yesterday, after eating an unhealthy meal of Korean BBQ (At red palace), my sister and I witnessed two girls dressed in nothing but their underwear. “What are they wearing?” My sister asked me, but I just shrugged. After two more minutes of driving down the street, we saw about 100 more students in nothing but their underwear and realized CSUF was having their undie run! I was so jealous of everyone because they all had nice bodies (sorry, perv moment.) So I was excited to come home and find out that my step up had arrived!! 


I didn’t know how to use the step up until I took cardio class my sophmore year; and even then we didn’t do anything really crazy on it. I finally realized its true potential when we used it for cardio kickboxing, we would jump on it, run around it, step up – kick, and step down. We would (horribly) even do lunges on it. ahhh. I begged my sister to buy it for me a year ago, but she wouldn’t because she didn’t think it would work. She finally caved in after using the step up during her personal training.

As I mentioned before, she was looking for a step up at Walmart and Target – she finally bought it online from Target! 


It came with a DVD, which I didn’t open yet.


Wish it were a bit higher, but it’s not too bad for beginners. 


What I used to work out with. 

I like wearing my gloves when I use the step up because it gives me a little added weight and I love to practice my punches and kicks. Since, I’m not doing martial arts anymore… I don’t want to lose what I learned so I make sure to always incorporate it into my workouts! I really thank my cardio kickboxing teacher because now I know how to use the step up at home; that’s the best type of training – when you can take what you did in the gym and do the same at home. 

Once I begin to feel more confident about myself, I’ll be sure to post up a transformation post. I haven’t worked out in a week so It was a really hard workout for me. But, since school is over… I’ll have more time to workout. 

Here are some videos I’m currently watching.


  1. I got a step for Christmas and I love using it! It’s hard to find a step class in my area, so I have to do it at home. I’ll need to try those videos. They look tough but fun.

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